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After the prime minister, Giuseppe Conte ordered the closure of the Italian community to deal with the spread of koronaviruset, has everyday life become even harder for many italians.

Closed the shops, restaurants and businesses, neither the salary, wages or earnings. Many of Italy’s 60 million citizens have no savings to take off.

It is here estimated that around 65 per cent of Italian small – and medium-sized businesses are in danger of to go bankrupt in the coming months.

the Government has deferred the payments of taxes and taxes and laws economic assistance to both businesses and individuals, but it takes time to get støtteordningene in the time and the money distributed.

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Fear, especially in the south where poverty and the unemployment rate is higher than in the north, is that the mafia in the meantime to fill the void.

hand out food and money

In the big city of Naples criminal groups already started with matutlevering to poor families. And pengeutlånere has removed the interest rates on loans.

– In what purpose? For the kickback, ” says the author Roberto Saviano.

Mafiaeksperten Roberto Saviano fear that the mafia will get stronger grip on society because of koronakrisen.

Photo: Piroschka Van De Wouw / Reuters

Saviano wrote in the 2006 book “Gomorrah” about the søritalienske mafia Camorra. He now lives in New York city, with politibeskyttelse.

In “Gomorrah” he documented how the mafia has expanded its “business lines” and with the help of money earned from criminal activities has systematically bought up or established companies in more and more sectors of society.

Gjenytelsene for a loan can be to get a person to stand as kontraktsinnehaver, ” says Saviano to the Italian media.

He believes if the authorities have not able to support vulnerable business owners and forretningsdrivere, they will be able to easily end up in mafiaens financial loan.

Former mafia-top: – the Mafia doing everything they can to earn money on the korona

the Mafia is just waiting for a crisis. Companies can quickly get an unwanted dependency, ” says Saviano.

– It is not so that some come with a gun. It is like a financial advisor who at one point says: “this partner can provide a boost, this partner can provide funding”. So going on looting of an economy, ” says mafiaeksperten.

Ministers have put in the time distribution of food to the poor in Naples.

Photo: Ciro De Luca / Reuters the Mafia will make rough on the crisis

the Police påtaleansvarlig in Palermo in Sicily, Francesco Lo Voi, points to the same.

Several of the various mafiagruppene have large kontantreserver. This is funds that can be invested in the hotels and restaurants that are struggling. These are now ordered closed and few think it will be a normal summer, which is a very important inntjeningsperiode in Italy.

Påtaleansvarlig Francesco Lo Voi says the mafia know how to exploit the weak situations.

Photo: Alessandro Fucarini / AFP

Even though the prime minister, Giuseppe Conte hope that the country careful can start to return to normal at the start of may, it will take a lot to catch up on the lost.

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The strongest mafiagrupperingene always know how to take advantage of the opportunities to earn money, says Voi.

Giuseppe Governale, who heads Italy’s antiterrorpoliti, says to the news agency AFP that the country’s mafiagrupper landed behind when koronasmitten exploded in Italy and the government grip to the drastic measures. But that they are now in the process of change.

Others point out that mafiaens distribution of food and money can increase the recruitment of young people with little resources.

A young man provide himself with a bag of food. Such curves is to see many places in Naples. In which adds people who have the opportunity to do so again foods that the poorer citizens should be able to supply themselves.

Photo: Ciro De Luca / Reuters Has come into criticism sectors

Roberto Saviano warned already in march that mafiagrupperinger want to earn big on the crisis in Europe.

– Just look at the mafiaens portfolio and see how much they can profit from this pandemic, he said to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

– Where have they invested the last few decades? In companies that offer many types of different services such as cleaning, kantinedrift, recycling of waste, transport, funeral home, matoljeproduksjon and matdistribusjon. It is how they are going to make money, ” he says.

In 2018, it was revealed that one of the mafiagrupperingene in the south of Italy had entered into an agreement with local politicians to deliver medical equipment to hospitals and health care facilities. The grouping managed to gain control over everything from production to distribution, according to the international scientists GRANT-TOC, where 500 experts on organized crime.

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