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– the Idea of a year at home now where I really don’t do so much, and how what I have done, is in vain, is a slap in the face. Completely honest.

It says Johannes Irgens Herlofson Oslo. He should have taken five exams in the spring.

Privatistkontoret in Oslo informs on the home page that it will not be completed any graduation in the period 14.04 to 30.04, as a result of koronaviruset.

Many students wonder now if they get started on the programme of study they wish to fall.

– Must be possible to carry out

– The indeterminate time have very much to say for if we get taken the exam before baseline, eligible subjects. Being exposed to christmas, so is there anyway too late, ” says Herlofson.

He has applied to enter the jussen and on the political science of the arts in the fall. Now he is unsure if he can start to study as planned.

Johannes Irgens Herlofson hope the exam is still being conducted digitally so that he can begin studies in the fall.

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– I will not complain in the middle of all this where people have lost everything, but I think this stands out a bit. There is talk about a whole year, and it is a long time. It is a comprehensive process to take up the subject, he says to NRK.

in Particular react Herlofson that it is now the oral exams being cancelled.

I know that the vast majority of the exams between the dates is the oral examination. Both of mine were also there. It is where we privatister sets us questioning that one cannot arrange any alternative exams with the technological possibilities we have today.


For privatister are graduating only way to get valid documentation when they move on to university or colleges.

the Deadline for applications is 15. april, but with the ability to forward documentation up to 1. July. After that you will not get sought higher education for the upcoming school year.

the Principal at the Bjørknes private school in Oslo, Stefan Myrvold, is concerned for the students who now do not seem to have taken the exam this spring.

Our students are beginning to become very exasperated, tired and sad. They fear that the completely years of schooling are wasted for them, and that they will be delayed a year. There are many parents and students who call us and are completely fortvilt, ” says the principal at the Bjørknes private school in Oslo.

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He says many of the privatistene are students who previously dropped out of high school.

– Very many have for various reasons, like physical or mental, dropped out of high school, taken up loans from the loan fund, and spent a year trying to gain admission. I think it is one of the very worst, ” he says.

– Hope to get it completed them at a later date

Director of Utdanningsetaten, Marte Gerhardsen, emphasises that they are now working for that exams can be completed at a later time.

– We have constantly said that we are postponing the exams, we can’t hold them in april, but we hope we can get it completed later in the spring if helsemyndighetenes regulations are changing, she says to NRK.

Director of Engineers, Marte Gerhardsen, understand that many students now are stressed. She tells us that Utdanningsetaten works to ensure that all the exams that are postponed shall be carried out at a later time so that students can still be begin on the planned education in the fall.

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Gerhardsen explains that for external candidate examinations in Oslo is a great logistikkoperasjon. There are a total of 9000 candidates, many guards, sensors, and many who are involved. She can’t promise that everyone has taken the exam.

Over 9,000 students will take up subjects such as prvatist this spring. When you have over 2000 of the students have postponed the exam.

Photo: Christina Cantero / NRK

In the meantime highly recommend her to all students to search student places as usual, and comply well with the information coming.

Looking for solutions

Principal at Bjørknes school believes that in 2020 must be possible to find creative solutions.

– My suggestion is that you extend the examination period in June a few days, one gets taken back parties that you don’t get carried out in april. Look at the solutions for the physical exam and digital exam, he believes.

education ms. Guri Melby (V) laws that the company is endeavouring to find solutions.

– There is no doubt that it is important that this group gets held exam. They have no other options to get a sluttkompetansebevis, she says to NRK.

She says the government cooperates with universities and colleges to ensure that privatistene get to be in the recording, but that it also worked with alternative eksamensformer.

my Goal is that as many privatister as possible can take the exam during the spring or summer, emphasizes education ms., Guri Melby (V)

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