A member of the Duma Committee on information policy, Anton Gorelkin (“United Russia”) has proposed to prohibit advertising activities of Facebook in Russia due to the fact that the company does not comply with the legislation of the country.

“it’s been more than two months from the moment when the world court Tagansky district of Moscow on Facebook was fined 4 million rubles for refusing to host their servers with personal data of Russians in Russia. By law, the payment of a fine is given 60 days. Note: Facebook is not paid,” wrote Gorelkin in his Telegram channel.

According to the MP, the head of the company mark Zuckerberg believes that the laws of Russia is not respected, “but only to profit from it”. Gorelkin also notes that Facebook pays billions in fines for violating the privacy of users in the U.S., multimillion-dollar fines in Europe, and in Russia, the company has not paid a penny.

The MP believes that to block the social network does not make sense to sue Facebook is expensive and inefficient, and “you need to beat the pockets of violators of the law.”

“I believe that we need to use my know-how of the bill of important resources – the ban on advertising Facebook in Russia. Tools, how to do it, we have enough, and most importantly, these tools will be really effective. I am sure that with the introduction of such measures, the social network will lose less than a day is ignored 4 million fine. If the company pointedly does not comply with our laws, it cannot be considered a bona fide provider of advertising services,” he said.

Gorelkin noted that the specific mechanism of the advertising ban for Facebook to be worked out.

“Perhaps to make the gradual restriction not to infringe on the interesting Russian companies who are interested in this advertising platform. It may make sense to consider the register of unfair advertising in Runet. You need to carefully study the European experience. In the end, the European Union has found a way to force Zuckerberg to comply with the laws. Hence, we can”, – concluded the Deputy.

Roskomnadzor 31 Jan instituted administrative proceedings against companies Facebook and Twitter, which did not provide in due time information about the localization of the database of Russian users on servers located in Russia. In February, the court fined Facebook and Twitter for 4 million rubles each. Twitter filed an appeal, however, Tagansky court of Moscow in mid-March recognized the legitimate penalty, passes RIA “news”. That fine was appealed and Facebook have not been reported.