Experts 38 North devoted to the study of North Cory, spoke about the health problems of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, which ceased to appear in public in recent weeks.

According to experts, the long absence of Kim Jong-UN may indeed indicate that it is not all right. The leader of the DPRK can be problems with the cardiovascular system, caused by his unhealthy lifestyle. He may have suffered a heart surgery and now he has developed complications after it.

In favor of the fact that Kim Jong UN has a problem with the heart, saying several factors. First, the leader of North Korea for a long time and a lot smokes and drinks. One day on his addiction to Smoking drew the attention of the national security adviser of South Korea Chung, Yu-Yong at the meeting of the leaders of the two Koreas in 2018. Experts say that Kim Jong – UN is a smoker, this habit is quite usual for him for more than ten years, as evidenced by numerous photos over the years.

second, Kim Jong-UN can definitely be a genetic predisposition to a cardiovascular disease. It is known that his grandfather Kim Il sung and father Kim Jong Il died of sudden cardiac death. And his father three years before the death of the year and had a terrible stroke.

third, the experts noted that Kim Jong-UN at least the greater part of his life suffering from obesity, which means that this disease is the pathological. Now with the growth of about 170 cm, he weighs more than 135 kg. Given existing habits, it can be assumed that the North Korean leader is diabetic, and suffers in addition from hypertension and high cholesterol.

Also, experts drew attention to one subtle fact that you can see in the pictures and video sitting Kim Jong-UN. Sitting up, his left hand often holds a strange position, which could be indicative of focal dystonia. It is a neurological disorder that results in spasm of muscles and involuntary movements.

Earlier, British media wrote about the dissolute lifestyle of Kim Jong-UN. It was argued in particular that the North Korean leader regularly arranged sprees during trips on the train, accompanied by “pleasure brigade” — a carefully chosen beautiful Korean women-virgins.

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