the phone Screen responded well to all types of gloves. Which is better for the touch panels? And is it possible to improve the performance of specific gloves? Maybe spray it with something or grease?

Arthur Madoc

Responsible CEO of the manufacturer of the touch panels of the resident of special economic zone “Technopolis Moscow” Vladimir Kriushenko:

Now most of the gadgets we use so-called capacitive screens, which is important direct contact with the person. But oils which are used most often, very thin and all the signals and determine touch happen correctly. If gloves are made from thicker materials, the electrical signal from human to device and back passes. On the market there are options of special accessories, the material on the fingers which contain conductive fibers. Incidentally, the touch panel produced in Russia, which are delivered in schools or enterprises respond to any touch, even with gloves on. To increase the sensitivity of the device. For example, some phones have a special mode for people with disabilities. It can be connected in the settings and recognition will improve, but the battery started to discharge faster. Can try to wet woolen glove, the conductivity will be better. As for the recognition of a fingerprint to unlock, such as your phone, there is another system. Sensors typically scan pattern of the finger with an infrared ray, therefore, transparency is important gloves, not its thickness.