President Vladimir Putin, as you know, once again excoriated the governors for failure to charge the doctors, nurses and aides of additional payments for work with infected with the coronavirus. Particular anger of the head of state was a humiliating practice to charge premiums on the basis of minutes and hours spent with the patient, not based on working shifts. In the end, in a hospital in the Kaluga region, for example, physicians “paid” for 27 rubles.

“MK” asked the scientists if the spacing of the head of state, and why the system of government in Russia does not operate normally by itself.

Abbas GALLYAMOV, the analyst:

“the President was building this system for 20 years, all questions to him. I’m sure against his will, none of the performers have not tried, just the system does not allow them to operate more efficiently. Nobody wants to disturb the fixed order of organization of financial transactions – all know that when come security forces, they are excuses about “the order of the President” will not listen. We know many examples, when too zealously executing orders and instructions and officials then became involved in criminal cases, and none of the authorities to help them could not. Therefore, the system is now working almost in the “Italian strike” – all operate strictly according to instructions, and as a result, all work is…”

Mikhail VINOGRADOV, a political scientist, the President of Fund “Petersburg policy”:

“Some strengthening of the responsibility and the independence of the governors in the context of the epidemic remain will be offset by the fact that they will translate arrows on various occasions. The fact that people are annoyed rather weak social assistance to them in emergency conditions is provided by the state. People hoped for more, but if you don’t count children’s payments, got almost nothing. But since the Federal government is serious progress in this area, not ready to go, instead of the promise of money is the accession of the President to the popular topic of doctors, which now attracted attention.

Because nothing really new happens: we all know how it works in the country the chain of distribution of money, crashes occur all the time, and one of the limiting factors in the provision of large-scale social support, I think it’s just the anxiety of the authorities about the target to bring the money to the recipient will be impossible…”

Alexei MAKARKIN, a political scientist, first Vice-President of the Center for political technologies:

“Governors pumped, because I operate on the principle of “good Tsar – bad boyars”: the centre has transferred the money, and the regional authorities can not cope…

Why ��de people do it, but somewhere there? This is due to our previous history, basic management issues, when a significant portion of funds for a long time did not pass due to technical difficulties, and then they’re thrown somewhere in the end of December, and reported that everything is done… But in terms of the epidemic should spend the money quickly, here and now. So out of all the flaws that were there before, just before they pay less attention.

But a pandemic is still limited in time, the abundance will quickly come to an end. And the problem is really that diversity of practice is not going anywhere. Somewhere in the regions everything is debugged, somewhere in there, and this will continue. You can replace a couple of heads of regions, but the question is who will replace. Here Perm Krai and Dagestan, which are called among those who are not good at. In the Perm region in the beginning of the year appointed a new head (Dmitry Makhonin – MK.). And in Dagestan a few years ago tried to appoint a person from the outside (Vladimir Vasiliev – MK.), but it turned out that the change from first-person to local practices vary quite weak, and not all depends on him… So you can probably push the now any money so it was not humiliating 27 rubles, and after an emergency passes, I’m afraid, everything goes on as before. The more that money will be smaller and will have a lot of things to cut.”

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