keep your distance, stay at home and contacts to avoid. The Coronavirus is from the curb, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has issued the foreign exchange that these measures continue to apply. Before the end of the Easter holidays on 19. April seems to be no easing of measures in sight. In order for schools and kindergartens and many shops remain closed, However, as the Situation then? When and how should be repealed, the restrictions? For FOCUS Online, two experts will present their point of view.

virologist Schmidt-Chanasit: “With a normal state I do not expect before next year,”

“Today, it is still much too early to talk about the complete abolition of the corona measures. Until Easter, we will have to see how the situation develops. Shows, in fact, a Flattening of the curve, so the new infections will decrease we could consider an initial loosening. However, we will not ban sure the Contact first remove. This measure is currently just the Right. Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit

Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit is a virologist at the Bernhard-Nocht-Institute for tropical medicine in Hamburg.

dpa/picture-alliance/dpabild Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit looks into the camera.

to open Instead, we will rather think about, kindergartens and schools.The current closure of these facilities affects many areas: parents have to care and can no longer work as usual, it is for the maintenance of the infrastructure is very important, that, for example, nurses, nurses or firefighters can work. Especially since children seem to be the least prone to a severe course of Covid-19.

Then the question is not then for the first time, whether we are relaxing at the same time, further measures. Instead, we have to wait 14 days to see the effects.

Should increase the number of new infections then strong again, we need to go back a step. Only then, when our health system has grown to the level of new infections, if courts in intensive care units and resuscitation devices are available, you can keep the easing, and a next step is to think about.

“We are still at the beginning of the epidemic,”

this is Why I think it is absolutely unrealistic, all the measures, after Easter, to lift. Before the summer I would not expect the easing further measures, in addition to the day – care centre and school openings. With the old normal state before the Corona-crisis, I do not expect before next year. That could change at most, if a drug or vaccine would be available – but with a widely available vaccine, I reckon, to be honest, this year.

We are still at the beginning of the epidemic, the big wave is yet to come. An output I don’t think lock is still appropriate. When people walk alone through the Park, you can infect anyone. In addition, the social and health consequences of an exit would lock dramatically, it can lead to domestic violence and diseases.

if the Situation Should deteriorate, I expect, rather, that we are to work further down. That industries are not responsible for the security of supply is essential and where it comes to contacts and, therefore, to Contagion, to be closed temporarily. Or do we exacerbate the prohibition of Contact, so that people in the future alone outside stop. That would make it easier for the police also, the measure to enforce. So you no longer need to distinguish between families or other groups.”

economic expert: “measures as soon as possible

take” “I am of the view that the government should take measures, such as the extreme Contact is restricted to two persons, and the almost complete closure of public life as quickly as possible. We can’t wait until there are vaccines against the Coronavirus, because until then, our economy has long since broken. Peter Scholz

Peter Scholz is since 2013 Professor for business administration with focus on banks and financial markets at the private Business School, HSBA in Hamburg. Prior to that, he spent ten years in investment banking and in private banking as a portfolio Manager at Deka Investment in Frankfurt am Main as well as a derivatives trader and investment specialist at Deutsche Bank.

HSBA Prof. Dr. Peter Scholz.

It is clear that risk groups should enjoy special protection. to protect

in order To particularly vulnerable persons, must not be restricted in the lives of young and healthy people, but to the full extent. Therefore, I propose that the extreme contact restrictions should be lifted as soon as sufficient mouth protection and protective clothing in the whole country is taken care of. In addition, at the time of the repeal of the capacities of the Coronavirus, Tests should be ramped up exponentially.

All the measures have no direct adverse impact on the economy, such as, for example, the Home Office, can and should be continued. The blatant Shutdown but it needs to be completed quickly.

of Course the danger that you would be quick to Repeal the strict measures of the economy even more damage, if it should come to a renewed Shutdown is. Another shock would hit the economy in a recovery phase, even harder. Therefore, it would have been right to directly take more sustainable measures, which can be maintained longer.“

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“self-congratulation quarantine”: Scholz gets a side-swipe at Illner Talk, FOCUS Online/Wochit “self-congratulation quarantine”: Scholz gets a side-swipe at Illner Talk