“It shows that she’s thinking about what is happening among her people. And she would like to do to her and not even be in the city centre either by to celebrate the day or get flowers. She shows solidarity with his people.”

How does it sound from the kongehusekspert and associate professor of history at the University of Southern denmark, Michael Bregnsbo, to B. T in the wake of the announcement, Thursday afternoon came from queen Margrethe.

Here it said that she does not want flowers on her birthday about two weeks.

instead, the calls she gets sent a bouquet to the many senior citizens who right now have it very difficult as a result of coronasituationen.

And it is a statement that is in the fin extension of the speech, queen Margrethe held a few weeks ago, where she spoke to Denmark and invited all to fit on each other, assess kongehuseksperten.

“the Situation is very serious, and especially the elderly citizens are hit hard, because they are isolated. She thinks of them and calls on us to think of them. It is a beautiful and noble act,” says Michael Bregnsbo.

“It shows that the Queen also think of the elderly citizens and makes sure to encourage us to do the same. And similar to she is in this severe situation will not in the limelight with flowers on his birthday. Instead, she says, that there is someone who needs more and deserves more than she does. It is a beautiful gesture,” says kongehuseksperten.

He says that he does not remember, whether there are other situations where the Crown has requested that we refrain from flowers.

However, it is to participate in the charity in general important for the royal family.

“It is in the extension of it. But it can’t be compared. It is in a completely different category. She says a little ‘how can you make sure to pleasure me as queen – if in the thinking of the senior citizens’,” says Michael Bregnsbo.

“It is a way to mark, we find ourselves in a particular situation. The same marked her special speech to the nation.”

the Queen reaches 80 years of age the 16. april.

It will not be possible to meet in person and write a greeting in The Yellow Palace.

instead, there are from 14. april opened for a gratulationsliste on the royal family’s website, there has been disclosed in a press release.