Ex-wife Marat Basharova Catherine Arkharov wrote a statement to the police. This was reported "Komsomolskaya Pravda", citing a source in the interior Ministry, "Gorky".

The actress has accused ex-husband in slander. According to her, Basharov "passed all bounds" when he went on TV and began to tell the details of their life together.

Arkharov claims that the former spouse had publicly circulated information about it, "90 percent of which consists of lies".

"Well as you can? I have family, small child. Soon the kid will start to understand everything, and Basharov all calm can not. Let now examine the relevant authorities", — said the artist.

If the court finds Basharova found guilty, he faces up to 240 hours of correctional labor and a fine of one million rubles.

The first marriage of the actor has ended with scandal: in the fall of 2014 Arkharov was in the hospital with numerous bruises, a broken nose and a concussion. Six months later, they divorced.