In the broadcast American TV channel CNN, former national security Advisor to Barack Obama, Susan rice admitted that the massive unrest in the United States can stand Russia. Evidence linking rice failed.

“we Have peaceful protesters opposed to the pain and inequality that we all face that must be addressed, and we also have the extremists, the purpose of which is to try to capture these protests and turn them into something quite another. And they probably I would guess, based on my experience, right from the Russian collection tactics,” — said ex-Advisor in an interview with CNN. Attention to her statements drew the Fox News channel.

Susan rice also admitted that some of these extremists could incite in social networks.

a Few days earlier also, the TV channel CNN, former New Orleans mayor Marc Morial reminded about the “Russian trace” in the presidential election of 2016 and made possible participation of Russia in the unrest in the United States. Later on the CNN website, an article appeared under the title “Analysis: Yes, around the Minneapolis spreads misinformation. No, it is guilty not only Russia”. There is, in particular, you learned about active American coverage of the protests Russian media.

.@CNN blames ‘RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA’ for George Floyd riots because they ‘Can’t blame China’ – Trump

the Unrest continued in the US the last few days reached more than 40 cities in more than ten of them entered a curfew in three of them — the emergency mode. More than 5 thousand soldiers of the national guard introduced in 15 States. Detained more than 1.7 million participants. The exact number of victims is unknown.

the Reason for the riots was the death of the African-American George Floyd. The man died soon after police arrest hard of Minneapolis. The last detained after the riots and charged with manslaughter.