the Former interior Minister Anatoly Kulikov in the air NSN explained why the U.S. can not cope with the riots.

Riots in the American city of Indianapolis, Indiana, led to the victims – one person was killed and three were injured, according to CNN.

Police began investigating the incident.

The performances of the Americans with riots and acts of vandalism recorded in San Francisco, Denver, new York, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Boston, Detroit and other US cities. They have become a natural reaction of people in response to the death of a black security guard George Floyd in Minneapolis (Minnesota) in the rough arrest by the police. Former interior Minister Anatoly Kulikov in the air NSN explained the frequent riots and bloody clashes with the police with the victims of vandalism in the lifestyle of Americans and the sluggishness of the authorities.

“of Course, that in the United States in the free sale of weapons imprint. His many at the hands of the population. It is a feature of life that affects the life in the country. All the more strange that the government, the mayor of the city, are often not ready for such mass displays of discontent. A lot of questions to the government. Immediately I had to have the mayor, the chief law enforcement officers explained that the tragedy occurred, what action will be taken. That arrested the culprit in the death of the guard, and he was charged, announced on the fourth day, and already raging in half a dozen cities! The authorities were not prepared for the correct response to events. At the same time they are stepping on the same rake almost every five to six years. It would seem, should be elaborated the methodology of government action, but… where people are well-fed lifestyle, on things they don’t pay attention,” said the former Minister.

Anatoly Kulikov also noted that Russian police and Asgardia does not interfere in civil rallies and demonstrations until they begin to turn into riots that threaten the lives of citizens. In this case, says ex-Minister, law enforcement and the military have the right to use weapons.