“Sunday is the worst day of the week. Weird the one or other may think, but this is who I am. Sit still, this is not for me.

I lost the beginning of March, my Job in the event of gastronomy from today to tomorrow in the Wake of the corona crisis, it was also my lively nature, the me quickly from the shock freed.

Hard the first few days after release, however – especially for someone like me who loves his Job, like once a Overtime to accumulate, and for it until a few weeks ago unimaginable was to ever be unemployed.

Something worse than your own inaction, there is hardly any

in addition to the existence of fear is the feeling to drive me to be for my Situation is responsible. Of course, I didn’t know it was true and yet, I have used short to me its actually aware of. But then it was time, All the positively – because it is Something worse than your own inaction, there are hardly any.

For the past three weeks I have been working at the Münchner Tafel, a food Bank, the needy have the opportunity to get food. Three to four times per week, I’m on the way to the large market hall in the South of Munich, and then mitanzupacken.

The idea for a social Engagement came to me relatively soon after my release, because I have previously introduced myself again and again social. To this extent, so far, not yet. dpa needy at the booth of the Munich-based panel in the market hall in Munich

My help is highly

needed As urgently needed my help, I noticed during the first phone conversation with the facility Manager. She explained to me that most of the volunteers were older, and thus part of the risk group for corona disease, which would have led to an acute shortage of staff.

prevent, in addition to the strict spacing regulations to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, is the tense personnel situation is another reason why all the other facilities were relocated to the market hall.

people who are dependent on the contributions of the institutions, the current crisis is, therefore, particularly hard.

Already on my first day I found that my work as a voluntary helper, similar to a lot of fulfillment and fun. Because the need for closeness, conversations, and empathy that we all feel in these times more than ever, for the Poorest of our society to the everyday challenge. Anna P has been Helping in the beginning of March at the table in Munich: Anna P.

That my mere kindness or a conversation for a brief moment, creates the Problem, means to me incredibly a lot and in turn helps me with my own, chaotic Situation better, to cope. The same is true for the gratitude that is brought to me for my work.

working at the Board keeps me from Brooding, from

To say that my current unemployment is not employed, this would correspond to, namely, the truth. Again and again there are moments where I look back and wonder whether this is really happening so in the last few weeks.

The work of the panel does not offer as a welcome distraction, to allow the thoughts of an uncertain future too much room. I can’t shake you, of course.

I want to Miss the experience of the last few weeks, but never, no matter what comes now. Although the corona crisis has caused a deep incision in my life, opened me to unexpected opportunities for personal development.

Rarely have I had such an unobstructed view on the life and challenges of people moving in the Offside of the company were. What causes this?

Should I have previously possessed, nor any Form of conscious or reflex-like prejudice, is nothing left. The sentence: ‘these are people, like you and I’, is quickly said. What he really means, I learn, however, only by the daily experiences with people.

There are so in fact, the positive news to Corona.”

This Text arose from a conversation between FOCUS-Online-editor Benjamin Hirsch, and the protagonist

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