Near Offenbach, a tree that had fallen into the overhead line stopped a Eurocity from Milan to Frankfurt. As the federal police announced on Tuesday, 180 train passengers could not leave the train between Frankfurt and Neu-Isenburg, which was left standing on the open route on Monday evening, for about four hours until the damaged overhead line could be freed from the wedged tree.

Dominique Nardin, an influencer from the rescue service scene, was also caught on the train. “Our driver is currently discussing his concern that the voltage will drop and the train will then no longer start,” he wrote on Instagram.

An announcement can be heard as the passengers are prepared for the fact that the heating and lights could fail. You will then go through the train with a lamp more often. “The toilets don’t work with emergency power either,” it said.

According to the information, the railway’s emergency services had previously called the fire brigade for help because the accident site was on a 15-meter-deep slope. At around 11 p.m., the undamaged train was pulled by a diesel locomotive to Frankfurt Central Station.

A plane instead of a courtroom: According to a media report, two climate activists were absent from a court hearing after they blocked a street near Stuttgart. The couple first flew to Thailand and then to Bali.

Charging instead of refueling? In the energy crisis year 2022, that didn’t seem to make a big difference in cost for some car owners, because both electricity and fuel became drastically more expensive. That could change in the medium term. What exactly do industry experts expect?