If you haven’t already, the Super Bowl is here.

Super Bowl 56: The Los Angeles Rams face the Cincinnati Bengals at SoFi stadium, Inglewood, Calif.

This is a great opportunity to learn if it’s not something you know, even if you live in Cincinnati or Los Angeles. This is the first Super Bowl to be held during the Olympics.

You can help your friends and family get to know the basics of Super Bowl.

Let me know about your teams

After finishing at the top in their division with a 12-5 mark, the Rams are hot. The Bengals finished the season with a 10-7 record. The Bengals are a great choice if you love rooting for the underdog.

Sean McVay is the Rams’ head coach. He was just 30 years old in 2017, making him the youngest ever hired head coach in the NFL’s history. Three years ago, he led the Rams to the Super Bowl. McVay is an offensive “savant,” according to Sheil Kapadia a senior NFL reporter at The Athletic.

Some teams are focused on developing young talent and creating a team capable of winning the Super Bowl in future. The Rams, however, have chosen to focus on building a winning team right now.

Kapadia stated that the Bengals weren’t supposed to make it this far. They were unlikely to make the Super Bowl. They won against the Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans in the last acts of the postseason.

The Bengals’ coach is Zac Taylor, 38. He was once a McVay coaching assistant. This is the oldest Super Bowl coaching matchup in recent history.

Taylor said that he had learned much from his previous boss when he was hired by the Bengals. McVay taught “a lot of us young men that you can do things your own way,” Taylor stated.

Taylor’s victory in leading the Bengals to Super Bowl represents a major turnaround for the team after their first two years as head coaches in 2019 and 2020 when they were amongst the worst in the NFL.

Who are the quarterbacks

Matthew Stafford, the Rams’ starting quarterback, was signed to the team in March as part of an extensive offseason deal. Stafford, who was in the NFL more than a decade ago, was traded to the Rams from the Detroit Lions.

Kapadia stated that Sunday’s win could prove that the trade was worth 100 percent.

He said, “They’re at the Super Bowl.” “So this is sort of the culmination that big trade.”

Joe Burrow, the Bengals’ quarterback, is currently in his second season in NFL play. After a college career that saw him go from Ohio State to Louisiana State, Burrow is already a legend among Bengals fans. The Bengals hadn’t won a playoff game since 31 years before Burrow joined them.

Is there any record on the line?

The record for receiving the most yards in Super Bowl could be broken by both Bengals and Rams wide receivers.

Cooper Kupp, the Rams’ wide receiver, was the leader in receiving yards throughout the NFL’s 2021 season. Kupp’s season record was 17 yards short of the NFL record for most receiving yards per season.

Ja’Marr Chase was the Bengals wide receiver and finished fourth in receiving yards for the 2021 season.

What happens in the halftime show

The halftime show and the commercials might be your best option if the rest of the event is not for you. The show features Dr. Dre, Snoop dogg, and Kendrick lamar from Southern California, along with Mary J. Blige (and Eminem).

What is the deal with COVID in the game?

The Super Bowl was cut last year because of the ongoing pandemic. However, attendance at this year’s match-up will be uncapped . The SoFi stadium can seat over 70,000 people.

All stadium visitors must show proof of vaccinations or a negative test. Except for eating or drinking , masks must be worn at all times.

It is home to the Rams as well as the Los Angeles Chargers. It has a transparent roof.

Even though the Super Bowl will see the Los Angeles team play in Los Angeles, the stadium is still neutral as the locations are selected years in advance. The field colors and branding of the Rams are not visible on the field at game time, which is 6:30 p.m. ET, broadcast on NBC and NBC streaming channels.