Many have accepted as fact the statement by a defector from North Korea Chi sun Ho, the South Korean Agency Yonhap: the death of Kim Jong-UN can be confirmed in the coming days. Not declare about it only because the tip of the DPRK are faced with the problem of continuity in the transmission of Supreme power. Whether in the period of theoretical anarchy in the DPRK, the scenario of a military conflict with its neighbors to become a reality? This question we asked the Russian military experts.

the Peninsula is constantly present military group USA, which is in accordance with the deployment plan adopted in the 90-ies, in the event of a conflict implies a rapid increase in the troop strength of up to 690 thousand troops. Plus 160 military vessels and 2,500 aircraft, 90 thousand officers and soldiers of the 3rd and 4th divisions of the marine corps, which actually means half of the entire marine Corps of the United States.

the media has repeatedly leaked materials of different war games that hold American troops, fulfilling a force 90-strong force’s occupation of North Korea for 56 days.

the Forecast of the military expert, Director of the Center for analysis of strategies and technologies Ruslan Pukhov

– the Epidemic of coronavirus showed a complete helplessness of a number of regimes, governments, politicians, power structures of entire countries and States. They were not ready in the current situation to the new challenges faced by the world. Together with vaccination against coronavirus we were immune from the big and small war. The demand for a military solution now plummeted. Was delayed indefinitely.

I hope this applies to the situation of confrontation between North and South Korea. Of shares of any security solutions is greatly decreased. If six months ago South Korea may have to use the situation of regime change in North Korea by military means, but today it will not do it.

the Opinion of an independent military expert and specialist on Korea, Ilya Topchiy

– Small provocations and minor clashes on the border, of course, can be. But they are, in fact, solve nothing.

Direct aggression against North Korea, in my opinion, should not be expected. The fact that between China and North Korea, from 1961, operates a Union contract that is renewed every 20 years. Article 2 of this Treaty provides for the entry into the war in China, in the case against North Korea will start a war, or an attack will happen any external forces. So any military action against North Korea would lead to war with China.

Next is at least a large regional, if not any world wars. Not sure that there is someone solved.

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