Many Turkish prisons are overcrowded for years and are reaching the limits of their capacity – in the 355 prisons, 300,000 people a sitting around.

In the Turkish Public will now be discussed, whether the medical and sanitary conditions in the prisons are in times of corona crisis for the prisoners still worthy. Because of the dangerous Coronavirus could spread in the prison easily, so the concern.

The Turkish Parliament responded with a statutory Amendment to this possible scenario: The Islamic-conservative government party AKP has submitted this week, along with the ultra-national MHP to the Parliament a draft: 90.000 prisoners are to be released from prison early.

the elderly, women with children, and detainees with pre-existing conditions are to be set free or their sentences may be served in the Form of house arrest.

releases with the double standards

tens of thousands of murderers, sex offenders, drug dealers and terrorists must now hope that your criminal will set enforcement, or at least mitigated.

This hope is not shared by the so-called “political prisoners”, because political dissidents, journalists and human rights defenders should be exempt from the new legislation.

In the debate have turned, now the journalists ‘Association TGC, the journalists’ Union TGS and the NGO reporters without borders (RSF). The institutions demand that journalists will also be allowed in the framework of the statutory Change.

Many of the journalists locked themselves in the framework of the Initiative of “Did you hear that?” and demand, especially in the social media, the instant free are not journalists, so that they fall to the Coronavirus victim.

“journalism and freedom of expression have nothing to do with terrorism,” – said of the journalists ‘ Association TGC. It is unacceptable that journalists be excluded to ensure that they inform the Public, the truth spread, and facts to supply.

No respect for age and pre-existing conditions

For the Turkey representative of “reporters without borders” Erol Önderoglu the release of journalists would be a Chance for societal reconciliation. “The fact that peaceful thinkers and journalists will not benefit from the law, is a sign that the polarisation will continue in politics as usual,” complains Önderoglu. He find it unfair that unfairly detained journalists would be punished with the Coronavirus.

the former Chairman of The prokurdischen party HDP, Selahattin Demirtaş, has been sitting for November 2016, with health problems in a high-security prison in Edirne. Even if he is suspended in this state, an increased risk of exposure to the Coronavirus, will allow the new draft law for him, too, no early release.

On the messaging service Twitter said to his wife: “We know that the conditions in prisons are very bad. The epidemic will result in the prisons to a serious disaster. For this reason, measures such as the postponement of the prison or for the release of the Detainees should be immediately launched.”

Since the coup of 2016, journalists are extremely targeted

is Also the brother of the famous journalist and writer Ahmet Altan expressed disappointment that journalists are not taken into account in the draft law. His brother has been sitting for 2016 in custody, 2018, he was convicted of alleged involvement in the coup attempt of 15. July 2016, to be sentenced to life imprisonment. “I am seriously concerned that my seventy-year-old brother, who has only expressed his thoughts and that is why for three and a half years in prison, is now faced with the Coronavirus,” said Mehmet Atan, who has sat after the coup attempt itself two years in prison. Whether the prison will be carried out or is suspended, for his brother is of great importance.

According to the Turkish NGO, Media and Law Studies Association (MLSA) are currently 97 imprisoned journalists and media workers in prison . Not only media professionals, but also lawyers belong to a professional group, the device is especially common in the crosshairs of the judiciary.

the Decisive factor for the detention of an alleged proximity to terrorist organizations are especially common, but many processes are controversial. So far, the government has not yet responded to the request of journalists and journalists ‘ associations.

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