It is one of the beautiful stories, which produces the Corona-crisis, in spite of all the limitations and sad news. Instead of sending its employees on short-time work, Tim Müller, decided together with his Team, the operating switch.

In the next few weeks, the “German liquor manufacturer has been producing” disinfectant according to the WHO formulation. However, before they received the permission of the authorities, had to answer the company, ask for the “specific target organ toxicity-single and repeated exposure”, such as “time” reported. Not everyone is allowed to produce a disinfectant; also not in crisis.

company to production on disinfectants and donates to old people’s homes

“Our orders are down to zero,” said managing Director of Muller to “image”. The conversion of the production serves therefore two purposes: The preservation of the company and the charity. 80 percent of the products in the sale, the remaining 20 percent will go as a donation to the Berlin old people’s homes.

“We talked on the phone with all, some do not have sufficient inventories, while others have more of a drop,” said Müller of the “time”. He supplies the approximately 120 homes now even himself with three to four packages of 12 bottles.

The required alcohol the company, which earned normally, in addition to the sale, also through tastings and Workshops, the money had in stock. Instead of beverage, the 96-percent Ethanol for disinfectant.

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5000 Euro alcohol tax: businesses for donations for it

numbers That Miller’s company has to pay for the support as well, so he wasn’t expecting that. Because for the production of disinfection by means of conventional liquor-alcohol instead of denatured alcohol is used to pay the company for the nearly 500-litres of donation now a tax on Alcohol. 5000 euros to pay for Müller now.

The businessman then asked the General Directorate of customs, an exception, from flashed but. “The Alcohol duty arises by operation of law. An Exemption for donated alcohol products is not provided for by the legislature. Also not in the course of the special schemes due to the Corona-crisis”, wrote of the customs of the German spirits manufacturer.

in Spite of the alcohol tax: the company wants to make “meaningful task” more

Miller’s reward is the gratitude of the staff and residents of homes for the elderly. “Each bottle can save lives,” said, for example, a care Manager, a Berlin-based device to “image” and praised the commitment of the spirits manufacturer.

This is for Muller drive, even in the difficult and, for his company’s existence the situation, to continue threatening. “Even if the Situation is uncertain, we have at least one meaningful task,” says the entrepreneur. “The Feedback we get back, is for each of us a Motivation to continue.” Also the tax on Alcohol will not stop him. Keepers, freight forwarders, panel operator: Germany’s heroes in times of crisis PCP keepers, freight forwarders, panel operator: Germany’s heroes in times of crisis