Nearly three dozen of state Duma deputies and senators of the Federation Council have property abroad. This was reported in the income statement for the year 2019, published on the websites of the upper and lower houses of Parliament.

“Overseas property in the ownership or use have 22 deputies and six senators,” writes “Kommersant”.

At the same average annual income of the senators beating the MPs to 34.1 million rubles, as against 22.6 million.

The most popular country to purchase real estate at the Russian parliamentarians is Spain. Apartments and houses with yards there is Konstantin Zatulin, Andrey Baryshev, Alexander bryksina (jointly with spouse), Arkady Ponomaryov and Valery Gazzaev (jointly with spouse). Spanish real estate owned by the wife of Nikolai Valuev, Omahana umakhanova and Vadim Belousov.

Second place among the favorite countries politicians occupied Bulgaria. The apartments there are owned by Yuri Oleinikov, Sergei Vostretsov and the wife of Sergey Pakhomov. The third place is divided between Latvia (Vladislav Tretiak and Tatyana Krivenko), Finland (Rifat Shaikhutdinov and wife of Vladimir Kateneva) and Belarus (Belarus and Svetlana Savitskaya).

A number of parliamentarians and their spouses own property in Ukraine, Cyprus, Georgia, great Britain, Germany, Switzerland and Montenegro. Ownership of foreign real estate for parliamentarians is not prohibited by law. Thus in 2019, a Senator breaks with real estate — a year ago, the child of the Senator of the Tambov region Alexander Babakov was flat in Belgium, but the new Declaration, she disappeared.

Earlier, opposition MPs proposed to amend the Russian Constitution an amendment prohibiting members of Parliament to own the meters abroad. However, such provisions in the Constitution has not appeared. Later, the head of the Duma Committee on state construction Pavel Krasheninnikov said that to make such a ban feasible.