In Osnabrück, the public utilities have terminated more than 1000 customers, there are no follow-up contracts. Desperation is rampant in the Edeka branches: “Without electricity, everything in our freezers and cold stores will rot,” warns one boss.

The expensive current is not only shocking private households, panic is also spreading in the economy. In Osnabrück, the Stadtwerke terminated the contracts of over 1000 customers. Five Edeka branches are also affected.

The operator of an Edeka branch has now explained to the “Wirtschaftswoche” that she will be without an electricity contract at the end of the year, the Osnabrück public utility company had terminated her at the end of the year. A normal process at the end of the term, but this time for the first time in 24 years there was no offer for a follow-up contract. “The municipal utilities didn’t offer anything at all, that’s the big disappointment for me,” the entrepreneur is quoted as saying.

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Actually, she doesn’t want to do anything other than sell her customers delicious and beautiful things. “But now I only deal with energy prices.”

The basic supply that Stadtwerke Osnabrück offers for three months is not an alternative, because then the price would increase to up to 80 cents. This would simply be more than one million euros in additional costs for her five Edeka stores, according to the entrepreneur. “We can’t just shut down for two months, especially without electricity, because then everything in our freezers and cold stores will rot.”

When asked by the magazine, a spokesman for Stadtwerke Osnabrück confirmed that a “smaller four-digit number” of business customers were affected. It is currently not possible to offer contracts because the prices fluctuate too much. “The calculability of prices for contracts related to a key date has become de facto impossible,” said the spokesman.

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