the result of the run-off election on may 29. March in Nürnberg

  • Thorsten Brehm (SPD, 47,8%) – Marcus king (CSU, 52,2%)
  • turnout: 51.6%

The SPD has lost in their previous municipal political stronghold of Nuremberg, the mayor of posts to the CSU. The CSU applicant Marcus king won the runoff election on Sunday with just over 50 per cent against the SPD candidate Thorsten Brehm, who admitted before the end of the count for his defeat.

So that Nürnberg is ruled in the next six years for the second Time in postwar history of a CSU-town head – between 1996 and 2002, Ludwig Scholz had the SPD-Phalanx broken.

In the past 18 years, the SPD had led man Ulrich Maly, the fortunes of the Dürer-city, and in elections to the part of the dream results far beyond the 60 percent mark is achieved.

election results for the municipal election in Nuremberg, Germany 2020

the final result (Bavarian state office for statistics): for the election of the Nuremberg Lord mayor of the CSU could be a candidate for the Marcus king to unite with 36.5 per cent of the most votes. Councillor Thorsten Brehm (SPD) follows close behind with 34.9 per cent of the votes. The two must on the 29. March runoff election for the office of mayor to compete.

Verena Osgyan – Green: 15.1%

Roland-Alexander-Handsome – AfD: 4.2 percent

Titus Schüller – Left: 2.5%

Detailed election results for the city and the district of Nuremberg you will find here.

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