online videos from the despairing victims in the last few days has triggered astonishment all over the world. Some of them show their families that have laid their deceased loved ones out on the streets, because the city authorities do not have the capacity to retrieve them.

Other shows people in deep sorrow, because they have lost their nearest and dearest, after having called the hospital for days without a reply.

the Drama in Guayaquil, Ecuador, shows in all its horror the Latin America fear the most: What can happen when koronaviruset attacking a region with so much poverty and such a lousy health care.

– Not the time to die

A video that has been added is posted on Twitter and other social media shows a person who lies under a blanket on the street. In the video says a man is the following:

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My sister’s just dead because of breathing difficulties, and here she is placed outside the residence. The police says that it is not possible to remove the corpse. We’ll have to wait a day to, with the body lying here, abandoned.

– There are no ambulances in the whole of Guayaquil, so that the deceased can be removed from here. I say to you: This is not the time to die, ” he concludes with getting to know the irony.

the Authorities regret

Redselsscenene in Guayaquil the last few days has led to a powerful self-examination with the country’s leadership.

Vice president, Otto Sonnenholzner, who is leading the fight against koronaviruset, says that the images the world has seen from Ecuador shows something that should never happened. And he regrets that the bodies were lying in the streets of the country’s largest city for days.

Authorities now share out the chests of cardboard to the citizens of Guayaquil.


the vice President has now initiated a project where a large cooled containers are used as a mortuary in the koronarammede the city, and the situation is about to improve.

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at the same time puts now the government is in large resources to improve the situation at hospitals in Guayaquil, and in a TV speech expresses Ecuador’s president, Lenin Moreno strong compassion with the inhabitants of the city:

The emergency as the Guayaquil experiencing, pain us all, and I now demanding full transparency about the spread of the virus, ” he says.

Ecuador’s president Lenin Moreno will have extensive measures against koronasmitten.


today We have tens of thousands of infected and several hundred dead in Ecuador, but still is talking about supposed cases. We must have full transparency of this extremely infectious virus – this is the only way we can defeat it, ” he says.

And Sunday evening was the official dødstallet upgraded to 318, which is the highest in Latin America, with the exception of Brazil.

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