It was in the middle of march that the police responded to a detached house in Coventry after having received notice of an ongoing fight. When emergency services arrived at the place, they found a man in the 40s lifeless on the ground.

the Man was later declared dead by a health care professional.

the Police received early a preliminary obduksjonsrapport, but have until now chosen to keep the details hidden due to the investigation.

First two weeks after the incident they go out with parts of the content public. The report detects not a completely unambiguous cause of death.

But the circumstances suggest that the death is due to asphyxia by halsgrep, possibly in combination with that the deceased was kept lying on his stomach, ” says politiadvokat Ole Friestad in the East police district to NRK.

the Experience from the martial arts

another man in the 40s was arrested on the spot and is now charged with murder. The man was a short time later, ” I in four weeks with letters and restraining orders.

NRK knows that the charged man has been with martial arts for a number of years, also professionally.

It was started the heart-lung-rescue on the place, but the life of man in the 40s was not to rescue.

Photo: Sebastian Nordli/NRK

the Police have given very little information about the case. In addition, the Fredrikstad district court, until now, prohibited public reproduction of the entire fengslingskjennelsen.

– This is now released, says politiadvokat Friestad.

the Man’s defense, Vigdis Brandstorp, has previously stated to NRK that the drapssiktede the man does not acknowledge straffskyld.

– He is very influenced by what has happened, she said.

It has not succeeded NRK to come in contact with the defence counsel on Monday.

Thought halsgrep was harmless

According to the ruling of the man explained to the police that he was attacked by the offended person, and that it was necessary for him to take the neck to put the now deceased man out of the game.

“the Defendant has explained that he only held around the neck to the offended until he lost consciousness. The defendant has for many years powered with martial arts and he explained that this form of halsgrep is harmless as long as you release the hold after the other person has lost consciousness,” it says in the ruling.

Several people who were witness to the fight began between the two men, however, have given a different description of the sequence of events and siktedes voldsutøvelse.

– Still early in the investigation

According to Fredriksstad Blad is the man convicted twice in the past. First, in connection with a voldssak in 2009, and then for among other things, two cases of anti-drink driving and to have attempted to run from police in connection with a control in the last year.

Politiadvokat Friestad says to NRK that there still remains a number of studies in the matter. The police are waiting, among other things, the final autopsy report.

the Investigation is still ongoing and it is carried out a number of vitneavhør and a number of other studies. But we are still early in the investigation, ” he says.