Born from surrogate mothers in Ukraine, the infants were “orphan” – the pandemic coronavirus overseas parents are unable to pick them up. Video kids “warehoused” in one hotel room, caused a huge scandal.

Infertile couples from America, Italy, Spain, England, France, Germany usually agreed with the clinics of Ukraine in order to carry out the IVF procedure on their territory. The laws of this country are known to be more than loyal to the new reproductive technologies.

this scheme worked for decades. Ukrainian women want to earn money so here are not so expensive, even cheaper than in Russia, but they perform their job efficiently.

Nine months ago no one could imagine that the borders of most countries will be shut and entry-exit is restricted to the limit.

the Newborn babies in the literal sense was restricted.

Normally in a reproductive clinic clients come in already with their candidates for the role of surrogate mothers. Typically, the selection is either concern themselves genetic parents or the surrogate function agencies.

the earnings of the intermediaries in Russia is the average cost of a contract for the so-called provision of pregnancy and search for surrogate mothers is an average of two million rubles, the surrogate mother usually receives a million or less. In Ukraine the numbers of the contract even less. And, alas, even earlier the market was the field of abuse: Surman underpaid and, on the contrary, require genetic parents even more – for example, for a caesarean section and another 4.5 thousand euros.

Those looking for a mother myself, trying for pregnancy in all its control. Those who resorted to services of agencies, often distanced. There are those who takes ready to have a child. After birth, families are usually not compatible, the contract is made – and the more these people have nothing in common.

Now the same in Ukraine, a scandal erupted around the clinic biotech, where there are 46 babies who don’t know what to do.

the network posted a wild video where all newborns housed in the same hotel room, watching them at the same time five nurses.

the Clinic biotech has posted a video with babies on April 30th. However, the scandal began to gain momentum once a few days ago it was posted on the Facebook page birthplace on FB. On the same site, on which there are many links on this page, States that it was established and operates under the auspices of the Commission on Affairs of the Ministry of the bishops ‘ Conference of the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine.

the fact that the surrogate mother after birth, as expected, officially abandoned babies, but the adoption process overseas��mi moms and dads has stalled… “Probably, therefore, even if the secured pair and wanted the kids worthy of care – for example, a personal nanny, the law is impossible. Because they are their children – yet no one officially”, – told “MK” the expert in this area, who asked not to be named.

because the borders of Ukraine and other countries are now closed for quarantine in connection with the pandemic coronavirus, the clients of the clinic are unable to pick up their children.

In the video reported that “children from America, Italy, Spain, Britain, China, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, Mexico and Portugal.”

the authors of the video claim that the babies are cared for, spend time with them on the street, bathe and every day they are examined by a neonatologist.

the Purpose of this video to assure buyers that the product contains at the warehouse (sorry, hotel) in a good state”, — angrily commentators write in the social network.

the phenomenon of surrogate motherhood is treated in this post as “sin”.

Even in one post on the page homeland on FB on may 13, States that surrogate children “is stored, as a commodity, in the lobby of the hotel in Kiev”, and it attracted the attention of Italian media, where some newborns, while the Ukrainian media were not informed about it.

As will, in legal terms the situation develops further, it is not very clear. Children grow up and are actually in the child’s Home.

As found “MK”, in Russia too there are similar cases and even scheduled one lawsuit, but its details were not disclosed. “It’s all the risks of IVF. Although, of course, that no one could not imagine”, – commented the doctors-reproductologists.

Verkhovna Rada Commissioner on human rights Lyudmila Denisova, who is now engaged in the problem of “surrogate” children, confirmed to local media that from-for quarantine in the Ukraine waiting for parents not 46, and more than 100 babies. Some babies over the last few days still managed to move into a rented apartment and take care of them hired a babysitter.

Marina Says Silkin, PhD:

“In my view, if you turn off emotions, delays and delays for the transfer of children to biological parents related to the closure of borders, increase their expenses on the maintenance of children in this period.

If we talk about the procedure of transfer of children, it is governed by a contract and, most likely, it should be provided for contingencies and the related compensation.

with regard to the detention of children, the acceptability of the conditions of stay of babies in the hotel is questionable.

as soon As open borders, I’m sure all children understand. The main thing now is to give them decent care.”