“According to the Ministry of labor, the government should be entitled, but not required to establish requirements to the system of remuneration of public sector workers taking into account the real needs of a particular industry and in regulating the level of wages, – said the Agency. – The situation when the wage level differs depending on the region, economically conditioned”.

Technically all the difference in the positions of the Ministry and workers ‘ associations was, in one word. The unions believe the right to assign to government the responsibility to establish uniform requirements for payment. But this nuance is hiding a lot. If the law in the end will be the word “duty”, we can return to a single rate.

“the FNPR believes that the government should be granted is not a right but an obligation to set requirements to the system of remuneration of workers of budgetary sphere, – assured the Deputy head of the Department of social-labour relations and social partnership of the Federation of independent trade unions of Russia Elena Kosakovskaya. – Today the wage system is completely fragmented and industry, and by region and even by individual institutions in the same area. As a result, people get absolutely different money for the same work.”

FITUR remind that last year it was proposed to establish in different regions of the same size in the basic rate of wages for public sector employees of the same qualification level, performing the same work functions.

“the Differences in salaries of people of the same profession in different regions is a normal practice in many countries of the world, – said senior researcher of the Centre for labour market studies of the HSE Alexey Oshchepkov. – Different living conditions, the level of prices. Another thing is that multiple differences can provoke labor migration, leaving poor regions without specialists of popular professions primarily qualified. Here is the intervention of the authorities and income equality may be necessary”.

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