Is someone getting abusive? The fact that husband Lucas Cordalis only came third in the jungle camp made Daniela Katzenberger a little freaky. Nurse Jenny Frankhauser recorded the first reaction of the “cat” live – and it sounded acidic.

Lucas Cordalis (55) finished third in the 2023 jungle camp final last night. A shame for the son of the late hit star Costa Cordalis († 75), who was Germany’s very first king of the jungle. Sister-in-law Jenny Frankhauser (30) also made it to the jungle queen a few years ago. She and her sister Daniela Katzenberger (36) watched the final together on TV yesterday.

During the live announcement on RTL, Frankhauser filmed the TV with her cell phone – and captured Daniela Katzenberger’s first reaction to her husband’s third place. While Frankhauser sighed and commented on the missed victory with “a shame”, Daniela Katzenberger reacted dissatisfied, accusing the surprised campers of hypocrisy. “They only bullied him for 24 hours,” mocked the TV star.

Then she also commented on Gigi Birofio’s (23) second place, who had to admit defeat against Djamila Rowe (55) in the fight for the crown: “The main thing is not the a **** hole.” On her own Instagram account, which is set to private, she initially responded mildly by posting a photo of Lucas and captioning it, “Super proud.”

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But the fact that her husband is said to be a victim of bullying is confirmed by Katzenberger in another entry: “My husband’s Instagram page is the best proof of how these hypocritical ‘stop bullying’ slogans can go haywire (yes, yes me white, now it is of course packaged as an ‘opinion’, I know the shit)” wrote the 36-year-old and then added: “Lucas will NOT read all of this here because he doesn’t feel like it or doesn’t care, but because it feels like he does Instagram every leap year.”

In fact, Cordalis increasingly became a polarizing figure in the last jungle week, earning a lot of criticism, especially from Twitter users, for his behavior towards fellow campers. Cordalis’ unpopularity even went so far that viewers accused him and the Katzenberger family of having hired a call center to generate as many calls as possible.

But an RTL spokesman took the wind out of the sails of all conspiracy theorists to “The voting on ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’ is closely monitored every season, and detailed analysis is also performed. There were no abnormalities or deviations that indicate a possible manipulation of the voting numbers,” says a statement.

By the way, the evaluation of the RTL voting numbers shows that Djamila Rowe has been the clear favorite for a long time. In the second week of the jungle, she received the most calls almost every day. Only last Thursday Cordalis was ahead of her once. However, he didn’t stand a chance in yesterday’s final: He got 16.25 percent of the calls, while Rowe bagged more than half with 52.79 percent. Gigi was in between with 39.69 percent.

Djamila Rowe is queen of the jungle! At the end of the big “IBES” finale, presenter Jan Köppen addressed the audience with apologetic words. “We didn’t want any of that,” he explains.

The I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here show is the perfect opportunity for many celebs to top up their bankroll a little. However, it has only now been revealed that they themselves – if things go badly – ​​have to dig deep into their pockets.

Djamila Rowe has just been named the new jungle queen and has thus also prevailed against final opponent Lucas Cordalis. But now Rowe has also found out what he said in front of the camera in her absence and is anything but enthusiastic about it.

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