The actress Tatyana Vasilyeva are in the process of sampling of biological material for coronavirus disappeared phone. About it in stories on his page on Instagram said the daughter of the actress Maria Bolonkina.


According to her, the day before the actress allegedly called paramedics, who stated the need for regular testing. In the case Vasilyeva fence material was the third in a row. Bolonkina stressed that the two girls came already shod in Shoe covers.

“They are very strange took the test because the swab is taken.. very deep climb, and today took very quickly and clumsily,” said the girl.

She added that Vassiliev left the girls for 30 seconds alone in the room to fetch the Polis, and the result after they left, discovered the loss of the phone.

“we’ll see who came, who were these people, and write a statement to the police,” summed up Bolonkina.

Earlier, as reported “the Rambler”, it became known that Tatyana Vasileva has left the hospital without waiting for test results for coronavirus. In early may, the actress appeared symptoms of infection: fever, coughing and “strange burning sensation in the eyes.” The actress was diagnosed with “bilateral pneumonia” and prescribed a home treatment.