Dirty dog Rogozin angered the US state Department

Attempts to erase the mention of the successes of Russia and its people from the world history are "overseas dirty dog", which in the end deprived of historical memory themselves. So, the General Director of the Russian space Agency, Dmitry Rogozin, commented on the news that the US state Department on its Russian-language page in Facebook said the date of 12 April as the day of the first manned flight into space, not putting Yuri Gagarin.

"Space without Gagarin, the First without a world war Russian army, the Berlin ‘ 45 no Soviet flags, the periodic table of Mendeleev… no Attempts to jam Russian trace in the history of the world will be deprived of the memory of us and those overseas Backbiters who’s doing it", – Rogozin wrote.

Earlier on the Russian-language page of the state Department in Facebook appeared congratulations to April 12.

"59 years ago was made the first human flight into space," — noted in the message of foreign policy Department of the USA on greeting card.

In turn, on the official website of the Russian foreign Ministry in Facebook considered the message of the US state Department without specifying the name of Yuri Gagarin misinformation and cowardly acceptance of the era of posttrade.

12 April 1961 the booster "East" orbiting with the ship "Vostok-1", on Board of which was Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin. After completing one revolution around the Earth in 108-minute flight was completed, the landing took place in the Saratov region.

Now in Russia this day celebrate the cosmonautics Day, all over the world – international day of human flight into space.