Diplomats of the Russian Federation helped stranded at the airport in Seoul compatriots

“Yesterday, our staff went to Incheon international airport, met with both groups of regrade that are there as those who are now in the transit area and the departure hall. We have tried to help than could: he bought and gave diapers for small children, water, blankets. Today our colleagues again going to the airport to provide medicines to those who need them,” – said in conversation with the correspondent “RG” the representative of the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

Photo: Sergey Guneev/RIA Novosti Ambassador of the Russian Federation: More than two thousand of Russians want to return from the USA to Russia

the Diplomat added that the Embassy will continue to assist. “We are providing and will provide all possible assistance to our compatriots who found themselves in such a difficult situation. We are in constant contact,” said the source.

According to the diplomat, currently in the transit area of the airport is about fifty Russians, who followed in Russia from third countries with a stopover in Ingescom airport. In addition, in the departure hall is about 80 people who were unable to fly to Russia. “Of anyone in the departure hall, left in place for about forty people, the rest have gone to rest,” – said the diplomat. He found it difficult to speculate about when to expect resolution of the situation.

Recall that in Ingescom international airport of the Republic of Korea has accumulated passengers from several flights that were canceled on March 31. They were to proceed to Moscow, Vladivostok and Khabarovsk, however, before departure, it was announced that the flights are canceled.

Photo: AlexPDR Korolkov/WG Moscow created the data center coming from abroad Russians

the Previously circulated review of the Operational headquarters for the prevention of introduction and spread of novel coronavirus infection in Russia. It was reported that “in order to maximize the protection of the health of regrade and limitations of the new wave of imported cases” from 00:00 on 4 April 2020, temporarily suspended international flights for the removal of Russian citizens to their Homeland.

abroad Russians who wish to return to Russia, asked to fill in a special form. On the basis of the obtained data will be generated removal schedule. Information about the schedule of export promised on Monday, the sixth of April.

in addition, to assist during the stay stranded abroad citizens of the Russian Federation, the government has allocated the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation 500 thousand rubles.