He dived 60 meters down: A robot from the Latvian Navy found the remains of the Cessna Citation IIn that crashed on September 4 in the Baltic Sea. He also filmed body parts and personal belongings of the inmates, said navy spokeswoman Līva Veita of the Latvian news agency Leta.

This concludes the Navy’s search operation for the time being. However, she could be involved again if asked by the investigating authorities. On the one hand, there is the Latvian criminal police and, on the other hand, the German Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation BFU.

The German authority is responsible because the plane belonged to the German entrepreneur who was piloting the plane, which was also on board his wife, daughter and their friend. The jet was registered with the Austrian registration number OE-FGR to his company GG Rent from Bergisch Gladbach. The flight was actually supposed to go from Jerez to Cologne/Bonn.

But shortly after takeoff, the Cessna reported problems with the cabin pressure, according to the Spanish media. Contact with the business jet broke off a little later. Apparently he continued to fly on autopilot, over Cologne.

The pilots of ascended fighter jets could not see anyone in the cockpit. Eventually, the plane ran out of fuel and crashed into the sea off Latvia.

The BFU has already sent three employees to Latvia, as a spokesman for the federal agency confirmed. However, the aircraft was reportedly not equipped with a flight data recorder or a voice recorder. “Of course, that makes it more complicated to determine the cause of the accident,” said the spokesman.

It is still unclear why the Cessna became a ghost plane. One possibility is that there was a pressure drop and the four people on board lost consciousness as a result.

This article was written by Timo Nowack

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