Diary of a teacher: the Students are not happy internally vacation

Irina mursak, lecturer at Moscow state pedagogical University and a member of the jury of the Pushkin competition for foreign experts continues to lead his diary, “Russian literature is not afraid of the coronavirus”

Photo: iStock the third Day. Read Bakhtin and watch Bogomolov

“Classes in Russian literature was dedicated to the actual topic now “mask culture.” Mask as a parody or hoax.

first reminded the students what a travesty. This referred to the Professor of Moscow state University Novikov, who remarkably formulated: “At first glance, everyone knows what a travesty. But only at first. Actually about a fun and popular genre, there are many prejudices in the public mind, and conscious culture.”

And by the end of the twentieth century, said Novikov, a parody of generally vanished in “serious” genres. For us it is important to note, because it talked about the culture of the Silver age, where the game with reality was one of the hallmarks of the era. Mask hoaxes are literary devices, when works of art are attributed to the fictional author.

Told the students about the history Cherubini de Gabriak hoax created by Voloshin and Gumilev, and with a mystical twist. Under the mask was hiding Elizaveta Dmitrieva, talented, but crippled since childhood and who received the rejection from the chief editor “Apollo” Makovsky: unattractive, she didn’t fit in with the atmosphere of elegance magazine. And then Voloshin, with whom Dmitriev met in Koktebel, asked her to speak the two sides of the fantasy world where good and evil are walking around calling themselves by name, where he combines Faustian and the divine. After received Makovsky of poems, written in beautiful script on scented (perfume wife Voloshin) parchment instantly there was a myth about a mysterious widow, a Frenchwoman who writes great poems and doing translations. The revelation of the hoax is not the main subject of this history, important the atmosphere of the Silver age, when it could occur.

Photo: iStock diary of a teacher: a member of the jury of the Pushkin competition tells the story of the second day

the Students remembered the story of the “Black square” by Malevich. Now the artist is increasingly began to blame the fact that he was the founder of Suprematism that he only borrowed the idea from A. alle. I would like to appeal to the aphorism of the French journalist: “Ideas are in the air – only manage to catch. Sometimes they light a feather landed in the hands, sometimes to catch one of them, have trouble with the butterfly net”. To resolve this cultural dispute was offered a creative textual work on the comparison of the facts of the biography and work of two geniuses.

to build momentum for home training was offered to read his article “a Writer who “had to laugh for money”, or “black square” Alphonse Allais”.

And anyone interested in the history of the theatrical mask, I suggest to visit the site of Ramtha theatre, where I lectured on “Literary mask as a method”.