A detail has caused a stir, after prince Harry, and his wife, duchess Kate recently shared pictures of their homework on Instagram.

There is missing something on the duchess fingers.

Here she use to wear a evighedsring and her engagement ring, but they are both there away from the duchess fingers, have several noticed.

there can, however, be good reasons for this, sounds from a royalty-commentator, as the Daily Star has talked with.

“You can’t imagine that she will go with the (forlovelsesringen, red.) always. It is a big ring,” says Angela Mollard.

Forlovelsesringen belonged to the late princess Diana and designed with a large sapphire stone. The second ring, evighedsringen, is made of white gold.

“She has it not, because the rings are cumbersome when you constantly need to wash your hands,” says Angela Mollard and adds:

“Actually shows the studies that the bacteria sit on the rings. I imagine that it is for this reason that she does not have them – neither forlovelsesringen or the other.”

the Images of hertugparret is taken in the last week and, according to opslagsteksten on Instagram hertugparret talk on the phone with several of the organisations that they are patrons of, in connection with the corona-onset.

In the picture of duchess Kate looking her talking on the phone, while she has a pad of paper in front of him and a pen in his hand. And here is actually yet another detail that has caught more eyes.

the Duchess is right-handed, but sitting with pen in the left.

Let us, therefore, not hope, she has had to take too many notes for the conversation.