Øystein Evjen Olsen, klinikkdirektør at the hospital in Flekkefjord, says the deferrals will be due koronaviruset.

– Beredskapssituasjonen around koronapasienter tie up capacity at the hospital. We also want to use the external orthopedists in the evaluations, but these are also bound up in their hospital, explains Evjen Olsen.

So far, the 365 patients at hospitals in Flekkefjord and Kristiansand called for a new assessment after having been operated upon by the doctors that will be examined by Helsetilsynet.

These must now stay on to wait until over the summer before they are drafted.

Need to get ahead

He apologize for the situation with the patient who are affected.

Date 280 in Flekkefjord and 85 in Kristiansand called for a new assessment.

– Now all these wait even longer. It seems we are very stupid. Patients have a need to get ahead just as we have, ” says Evjen Olsen.

Øystein Evjen Olsen, klinikkdirektør at the hospital in Flekkefjord, say they no longer receive the phones from the new patients that want assessment. Those who contact purrer to check when they will be summoned.

Photo: Sørlandet hospital HF Pasientombudet: – Sad for the patients

He thinks it is difficult to give an exact answer on when patients can expect to be called out.

– We follow this forecasts and try to adapt, but it will probably go over the summer before we can take these patients in, ” he says.

Klinikkdirektøren informs that they have sent out letters to all where they explain the situation.

Gunhild Solberg, patient and brukerombud of Agder, think it’s stupid for the patients that the assessment is put on hold. At the same time think she they understand that the most important thing must be taken first.

– It is sad for the patients who must smear themselves with patience even further. Many have called us about this earlier, ” says Solberg.

Now, however, it is very quiet on the phone to the health & social services ombudsman in Agder.

– Our experience as agents is that people understand and accept that it is now done a tremendous amount of effort on the hospitals to prevent koronaspredning, ” she says.

Gunhild Solberg, patient and brukerombud in College, believe the patients that are waiting on the new assessment understand that koronapandemien must go first.

Photo: Eirik Damsgaard / NRK Has more power on

The one the doctor worked as orthopaedic surgeon at the hospital in Flekkefjord without having the necessary specialization from 2008 to 2019. He was disposed to the hospital in Kristiansand to take further training which the orthopaedic surgeon there.

At the end of January, it was decided to take him off all operations after the patients reported malpractice also in Kristiansand.

the Doctor is involved in several power with the offense the last few years.

The second doctor worked at the hospital in Flekkefjord from summer 2016 to spring 2018. This doctor recently received limited authorization its of Helsetilsynet.

44 of the patients in Flekkefjord is operated by this doctor and want a new assessment. The 321 other patients are operated on by the doctor who started in Flekkefjord in 2008.

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280 patients who have been operated by two former doctors at the hospital in Flekkefjord want a new assessment.

Photo: Per-Bill Sandbakk / NRK aerial photo