The Coronavirus has the football in full control. Also in the Bundesliga the Ball resting currently. Time to draw an interim balance sheet at FC Bayern.

In part I of the three-part AZ-Check it comes to the defence of record holders:

With 26 goals in Munich, together with RB Leipzig, the best defense of the League. On the basis of the grades of the AZ Reporter to the first 25 Bundesliga game days of the best Bayern has been determined defender so far this season. Precondition: A player has been graded ten Times.

Alphonso Davies dominated, Jérôme Boateng falls from

With an average grade of 2.8 Youngster Alphonso Davies the best defensive player in the current season. By the way: A 2.8 has also received goalkeeper Manuel Neuer for his performances. Place two defense-perennial, Benjamin Pavard, and has an average value of 3.0.

to Him by his compatriot, Lucas Hernández and David Alaba with an average score of 3.1 to follow. Jérôme Boateng with a value of 3.4. However, the Ex-national player since back round to the start greatly improves performance, which is also reflected in the notes.

the Best Transfer of Hasan Salihamidzic

Uli Hoeness was right, as so often. Before Alphonso Davies had played a single Minute for Bayern, said the former President, that Davies could be a “bomb”. This he had heard from Hasan Salihamidzic. “And since I trust my sports Director.” firo/eyes-click to Play so far, a convincing season: Alphonso Davies.

Hoeness’ prediction, this daring bet, ultimately proved to be completely accurate. But then it looked not at the beginning necessarily. As Davies in January 2019 in the Doha training camp with the Bayern-Stars on the court, none of the neutral eye-witnesses from the young Canadians convinced. Fast, explosive and wild, this Davies, the Munich for around ten million euros (plus bonuses) from Vancouver had taken was this.

But also: frantic, hasty, sloppy in the passing game, with tactical weaknesses. The first impression: More of a Flop than gain. What a spectacular miscalculation! In the spring of 2020 may hold: Davies is the best Brazzo-Transfer, one of the best Bayern obligations at all in the last decade. The fair value of the Left-back, who was actually brought in as a left winger, according to the “” in the meantime, at 50 (!) Million Euros. Trend: clear, rising, almost to the top of shooting.

Alphonso Davies: the audience’s darling of the FC Bayern

just like Davies in the favor of the Bayern Fans. Meanwhile, a murmur goes through the stadium, when the canadian starts runs in full-print the left line along the grid to its fearsome storm and then to the centimeter in the box fit or a penalty. “Phonzy” comes now 29 professional stakes in this season, a goal and seven templates to get to him. Photo: sampics/eye clicking, AZ-Assembly, Hasan Salihamidzic (l.) took Alphonso Davies to FC Bayern

A splendid development. Can improve Davies is still the first contact, so the reception of the ball, and portability, as well as the precision at the edges. Would be bad if a 19 Year old with no potential for more. But Davies ‘ future at FC Bayern belongs to.

Overview: grading the defensive players of the FC Bayern

  • Alphonso Davies to 2.8 (20 ratings)
  • Benjamin Pavard 3,0 (23 reviews)
  • David Alaba of 3.1 (20 votes)
  • Lucas Hernández 3,1 (10 reviews)
  • Jérôme Boateng 3,4 (11 reviews)

since October cruciate ligament-injured Niklas Süle is the only seven-Time graded (average score of 3.3). Winter new arrival Álvaro Odriozola came only one Time (grade 4.0).

This article was written by Maximilian Koch

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