Singer Victoria Dayneko returned to Russia from the United States, where he spent 4.5 months because of a pandemic coronavirus.

Daineko said in Instagram that had tried to fly from the United States, but could not get to the export routes, which were in great demand.

Thus, according to the singer, there were other ways to fly – through Turkey, Europe or Belarus – but the logistics seemed too difficult to travel with 4 year old daughter.

Victoria said that she and her daughter “miraculously” managed to get on a humanitarian flight following the announcement, the airline about the cancellation of the commercial flight in August that she had bought a ticket.

“Literally the morning of departure we were told the news and we hurry rushed to the airport (thanks to all who helped and kept me from panicking as I know), our tickets for canceled flights read and didn’t have to buy later,” she said.

Now Victoria Daineko to a two-week self-isolation, after which, according to her, she will be able to hug my parents.

“In my life, this is an absolute record of the time spent in another country. In total it was 4.5 months – instead of having to come April 10, we got home at the end of July,” added singer.

I wrote “the Rambler”, from July 15, the CPS has eliminated the mandatory 14-day isolation for Russians and foreigners arriving in Russia by regular flights. While passengers export flights will continue to send to the quarantine.