on Saturday morning reached the UNITED states one of the worst milestones in this time: 100.000 coronavirus-smittetilfælde.

The deadly virus is spreading with a rapid speed in the big country, and around the 50 states are struggling, in order to minimize the number of deaths.

Some find particular comfort in their families. Some find particular comfort in the Trump and hope that the president can resolve the crisis.

And then there are some, who especially find comfort in God.

Danish Catherina Gailey is one of them.

She lives in the town of Morgan in the state of Utah with her american husband and their four children.

If you didn’t know it, so Utah is known to be the state, where the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints – also known as the mormon church – had its birth.

And it is Catherinas family member.

“We are a member of the church, and I pray always to God. I always have a prayer in my heart, but in these times they’re a little bit different,” says Catherina Gailey to B. T.

Catherina has lived in Utah since she was 17 years old, but had his upbringing in Odense.

today she is stay-at-home mother to four children, while the man on the american show work and provide income for the family.

Why has the turnaround also not been tremendously great, as the kids two weeks ago was to begin to go to school from home.

“They are right, however, sad, because we had planned a vacation to Florida with my husband’s family, where we were in Disneyland and on a cruise to the Bahamas, but how is it,” she says.

Utah is one of the states with 480 smittetilfælde is the least affected by the coronavirussen in the UNITED states, and therefore is the criticism of Trump, which would otherwise spread in the country and not reached there yet.

And the question is whether it even makes. Utah has a large preponderance of republican voters who support the president.

“He’s trying to do his best, and I think he does it well. It is nice to see that they are trying to work well together now, after they tried to go after him earlier in the year with rigsretssagen. We must show him respect,” says Catherina.

But when the question then comes as to whether she puts her trust in the Trump resolve the situation with the right actions, the answer is clear:

“No. In these times, God is our hope. We pray that we can be healthy, and we have faith that God still loves us and is looking down on us,” she says and continues:

“This is terrible, but it lasts not forever, and now it’s just about trusting that God can help us.”

Even though Utah is not tremendously affected, and Catherinas city Morgan only had two smittetilfælde, spreads the fear still in the small community.

“It is a great fear of what might happen, but it’s also nice to see how we mormons are helping our neighbors in these times. It is how we are ‘brought up’,” she says.

the Family has bought into to be able to survive a minimum of one year, because the head of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for many years, has said that the members should make sure.

the UNITED states is just one week gone from having around 2000 smittetilfælde to have 100,000 on the Saturday morning.

But it can be much worse. Several researchers have previously stated, that it is feared that up to one million americans may die of the virus, if it really spreads in the society, as it is now.