With 239 deaths, of which over half happened in Stockholm is the Swedish capital really starting to see the consequences of coronavirussen.

on Tuesday, there were identified a total of 4.435 smittetilfælde in Sweden – most in Stockholm – which was an increase on the whole of the 407 compared to just a day earlier. Wednesday was the figure of 4.947 infected.

the Pressure is really beginning to be big in Stockholm, where more than half of the city’s intensivpladser is in use, and where, according to the new leaked documents only will last for a week, before all the places in the hospitals are filled.

Despite this it seems that the swedes are very worried. It considers the Danish Andy Tankmar, which is resident in Stockholm soon third year, not in the least.

“They don’t take it seriously. Not at all,” he says, and continues:

“Now, I have been both in Denmark and Sweden during the crisis, and there is an entirely different – and more arrogant – attitude here (in Stockholm, ed.). People walk close to each other, and the general attitude is that we should not be worried, because it’s ‘just a flu’.

Also a TV 2 journalist Jesper Zølck, who also resides in Stockholm, reports that the general attitude among the Swedish authorities are remarkable calm compared with in Denmark.

“There is certainly no panic. There are danger signs in Stockholm, but in general the authorities it remains quiet and calm and make only a few adjustments in the strategy. The authorities have always been aware that there will be more infected, more hospitalized and more deaths,” he says over the phone from the Swedish capital.

“Although according to the latest figures, there are not any signs of panic or on a change,” he continues and points out to the authorities, however, takes the situation seriously.

According to the TV 2-the reporter must divide Sweden up in two parts, when it comes to corona-the crisis. The one part is the Stockholm, and the other is the rest of Sweden.

“In Stockholm is the pressure at the to be quite significant in relation to the rest of the country. You are about to reach the limit, and authorities say that it is a serious situation, but it works, as I said, not that they will change something in their strategy,” he says.

Jesper Zølck regard to the Swedish people after all still have extreme confidence in the authorities ‘ handling of the infection.

“of Course you can find panicky types in Stockholm, which does not seem that the authorities are doing enough, but all measurements show that in general there is trust to the health authorities. The latest measurement showed that 65 per cent. have ‘big’ or ‘very great’ confidence in the authorities, while only 15 per cent. did not trust,” he says, and continues:

“It are some rather striking figures, which shows that there is strong support for the line that is being laid right now.”

Andy Tankmar is one of them, who do not believe that enough is being done. He points out that, for example, in the supermarkets are not any stickers, whereas you must remember to keep distance to each other, while people still go to cafes, bars and take public transportation.

He says that he even wear a mask when he goes out, and that he otherwise makes every effort to comply with the recommended precautions such as washing hands “constantly” and be within as much as possible.

Though he is young and in good shape, puts a lot of thoughts in him, that he may not be able to be admitted to the hospital in a week’s time, if he gets infected and gets indlæggelseskrævende symptoms.

“I am nervous, even though I fit in myself, and overall have good chances, if I get infected, but it is clear that it is a little strange feeling.”

the Dane, who is both a musician and working in an it company, also says that he has considered travelling back to Denmark, where the authorities according to him seems more aware of the disease and take greater precautions.

In contrast to Denmark’s kindergartens, primary schools, churches, gyms, hairdressers and much else still open in Sweden.

the Limit of how many can meet, is lowered from 500 to 50, but it is still possible for people to be social to private get-togethers, or take in a café or similar.

On the relatively quiet atmosphere among the Swedish population will continue to come, eventually, assess the TV 2, journalist Jesper Zølck.

“All know that the number of infected is going to move here in the course of april, and then we will really be able to see if the authorities are going to stand the test. The official figures for the region of Stockholm says that the numbers will peak in late april, and so, the question is whether the authorities solve it, and whether the population is in panic. So far, there is no sense that there is a rebellion on the way.”

From Wednesday the Swedish government tightened a bit on the rules, so that, for example, are forbidden to visit the nursing home. On the way to some of the country’s most vulnerable are better protected.