The specialist dealer Biomammut has to file for bankruptcy. As the company told the “Lebensmittel Zeitung”, there had been a “massive drop in sales” in the past few months given the Germans’ decreasing desire and power to buy.

Biomammoth also cited the increased energy costs as a reason for the drop in sales. For the duration of the insolvency proceedings in self-administration, the restructuring expert Peter Raab took over the management of the GmbH.

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The assessment of the renovation expert: “Even bio-affine consumers are increasingly going to the discounter to compensate for the cost increases.” Under these conditions, Biomammut was simply not big enough to continue to be able to do business successfully.

Nevertheless, Raab sees good chances that the company can get back on track. He now wants to create a rescue concept for this. Contact with important suppliers is his top priority.

According to its own information, Biomammoth is neither insolvent nor overindebted. The retailer’s six branches are to remain open as normal during the restructuring.

Germany’s top civil protection officer warns of power outages in winter. Shortly thereafter, his own authority rowed back. The federal government apparently does not want to admit that its real energy transition is primarily leading to a lack of energy.

Gas and electricity prices have risen massively because of the Ukraine war. This is not only a problem for individual consumers, but also for companies. There have long been reports of mass layoffs and plant closures.

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