Cuba, contrary to the US, is helping countries to fight coronavirus

Photo: AP Photo/Wong Maye-E the Cuban foreign Ministry accused the US government is ineffective in combating COVID-19

For Cubans, medicine is not just words, but a real national pride of a small state, which is already more than half a century is under violent siege by the powerful neighbor, unabated even in times of a pandemic. But despite this, Cuba has managed to retain human qualities during the General woes are particularly pronounced. First of all, in times of a pandemic coronavirus, a struggle which, on the one hand, requires the isolation of people and will inevitably lead to the closure of borders, and on the other virtually impossible without coordinated action by the countries of the world and often require support and reciprocity. It is here that Cuba and comes to the rescue.

Liberty Island last month sent teams of doctors to help in the fight against the pandemic two dozen countries medical systems cannot cope with an avalanche increase in the number of cases. For example, in the arms of COVID-19 Italy has more than fifty Cuban medical professionals in Lombardy – one of the most affected regions, in line with the arrival of the doctors from the Caribbean coast in another Italian region – Piedmont.

Army in white coats

Cuba really is, than to help. The health care system of the Island is one of the most developed in the Latin American region. For comparison: if in Cuba for 10,000 inhabitants of 52 hospital beds in Argentina – 50, a relatively prosperous Uruguay – 28, Chile and Brazil – 22.

Photo: REUTERS/ALEXANDRE MENEGHINI the Cuban Government has moved to drastic measures in the fight against coronavirus

the key to success is high spending on the health care system, which is also higher than the same indicator of the countries of the region. Cuba invests in medicine 11% of its GDP. But it is important not only the percentage, in absolute terms, the Republic is also a leader – spending on health care per capita per year is 2486 dollar (in the same Chile, this amount is 2229 USD).

Like many things in Cuba, the situation in the national health system has changed radically in 1959 after the victory of the revolution. For Fidel Castro among them professed socialist ideals of the special place occupied by a public medical care and free education for all.

Actually, while in the country and the mass training of doctors. Qualified personnel was prepared pretty quickly. And in 1963 the Cuban doctors first went abroad – to help independent Algeria. Since then, medical teams were sent to different countries of the world.

the Head of the Cuban foreign Ministry: U.S. Sanctions hinder fight pandemic

Fidel Castro has given them a special name – the “Army in white coats”, invented Comandante in the 70s in defiance of the chief ideological enemy after the failed USA with the help of trained their fighters to overthrow the socialists in Cuba in 1961 by the landing of the rebels the Bay of Pigs. The name remains relevant today.

After sending another brigade of Cuban doctors to help in the fight against COVID-19, the social networks have gained popularity pictures clearly demonstrate the difference in approaches to international cooperation. One was as people in white uniforms, who were holding small flags of Cuba and Italy, and on the other us Marines with a large star-spangled banner on the blazing background of Iraq.

Export contrary

As often happens, the loudest criticism from those who does for the common good is less likely. All the while little Cuba sends its doctors to fight the human scourge, Washington did not cease to warn of the dangers of cooperation with the Island.

Photo: Sergey Novikov/WG British MPs have signed a petition on the abolition of the U.S. blockade against Cuba

the Americans, who so far in the fight against the pandemic really has not helped anyone, and even threaten to cease to pay contributions to who, calling not to accept the Cuban aid. The reasons for these calls rather prosaic and, as is often the case with American councils, pursuing only the interests of Washington. In the case of Cuba the goal has not changed for more than 60 years – the change of the Communist regime.

the Export of doctors remains a significant source of income for the Island, according to the United Nations conference on trade and development, Cuba annually receives about $ 11 billion from medical cooperation.

This export income is unlikely to fit in the US promoted the concept of a total blockade of Cuba. The concept, although demonstrated to be ineffective for more than half a century, still practiced by Washington with a perseverance worthy of a better cause.

But what happens with the health care system in those countries whose governments at the behest decided to put Cuban doctors, the White house is unlikely to care. And these PRimerov recent enough.

the Bolivian government has suspended diplomatic relations with Cuba

the Most significant – Bolivia, Brazil and Ecuador, which after a sharp change of political course and the coming to power of the “right” of governments to pay the Americans for their support ceased to cooperate with Cuba.

Suffice it to say that in these countries the situation with coronavirus remains one of the most difficult in the region. Of course, not the fact that Cuban doctors would be able to radically improve the situation. But the fact is, for example, that even before the pandemic Brazilian authorities were forced to request the return of some 2,000 physicians from the island of Freedom. Politics – politics, and in hospitals for someone to work in any way necessary.

Cubans have such a reaction of the US and seeking to become their allies care not very much to her for a long time on the Island have become accustomed. Here are aware of the humanitarian nature of the aid provided and understand that in the era of the pandemic, issues of ideological confrontation, must, as a minimum, be deferred indefinitely. His own actions Cubans show that instead to continue to sort things out, just need to join forces and together as soon as possible to overcome the fallen world test.