New trouble in the traffic light: The SPD parliamentary group has criticized Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP). His house is delaying important legislative projects, so the accusation. Buschmann’s ministry rejects the criticism.

“We hope that he will increase the number of projects that are in the coalition agreement. There’s still a lot of room for improvement with him,” said Parliamentary Managing Director Johannes Fechner of the “Handelsblatt” with a view to the coalition partner.

Fechner referred, among other things, to tenancy law – there are “some construction sites”. He mentioned the extension of the rental price brake, the lowering of the cap on rent increases and the expansion of the rent index obligation. “Mr. Buschmann simply doesn’t tackle them and doesn’t deliver. This is very annoying.”

According to the report, the Ministry of Justice rejected the criticism: “Our guideline is the coalition agreement – and we adhere to it,” the newspaper quoted. They would like to work through the agreed projects quickly, “we also expect that from the other houses”. The minister will “soon” present a draft law on the adjustments to tenancy law that will implement the agreed projects.

Politicians from the SPD and the Greens had previously accused Buschmann of blocking tenant protection.

Fechner was also annoyed by Buschmann’s positioning in the debate about mandatory insurance for natural hazards, for example in the event of a new flood disaster. “We were annoyed that he immediately rejected an elementary damage insurance in Germany without there being a discussion about it,” said the Social Democrat. “That annoyed us and is not the last word in the traffic light.” Buschmann had warned: “In a time of extreme financial burdens on private households, we should keep our hands off everything that makes living in Germany even more expensive.”

There has also been a dispute between the FDP minister and the SPD for a long time about the storage of telecommunications data to combat crime.