the Most daring bandits of the bloody 90s are still alive. Some will, others behind bars. But among them there are “specific instances”, as one of the detectives involved in the Soviet years investigating high-profile cases of organized crime groups. Sentenced to death the brothers of Ikonnikovi is the case. Behind bars Oleg suddenly discovered his literary talent, and Edward – music. Talent crime gave way to creative.

Oleg and Edward was sentenced in 1996-m to year to death for murder and banditry. As an exception, the court allowed the brothers is awaiting execution in a cell. Both the death penalty was commuted to life imprisonment.

Ikonikov Sr. remained in the colony for life-term prisoners, but known in the wild with his stories. Ikonnikov, Jr. on liberty (the Supreme court reduced his term to 15 years, which expired long ago) performs with his own band.

reviewer “MK” met with the two brothers to hear their incredible story first hand.

Oleg Ikonnikov: the ballad of the belt and the bear

“I stole, robbed and killed. Then he got the lead of the bumblebee. From a bullet through the neck flowed under my cheek, my black somehow blood. Some crimes I had committed in cold blood, on the other adrenalina. Sometimes conscience tormented mind and soul, sometimes not. Took me a wounded, unconscious, alive otherwise I wouldn’t give up.” the Oleg Ikonnikov.

In a criminal case brothers of Ikonnikovia to write the history of the game of the 90s era. They were, in fact, the first real gangsters in Transbaikalia.

a Gang of pervomayets (the village where they lived at the time Ikonnikovi called Pervomaisk) was established in 1991, the year his older brother, Oleg, rewind is not one term for theft and looting. Entered it several people, previously serving a sentence, and a former traffic police officer named Kostya.

What did you do? Raids on shops, resetiranje merchants. In 1992, the gang killed during one of the raids of a policeman by the name of Ignatiev. He opened the black list of victims of organized crime groups, in which at least six of the victims (mostly merchants, Director of the cooperative). One RAID on a camp “birch” has become the gang of the latter.

that was that. At the beginning of 1993 to pervomayets came to serious discussion, representatives of several gang of cheats. Asked for help to deal with the Chechen “rebels” (as they called them) who wanted to take control of the Central market and airport. Brothers Ikonnikovi agreed.

on 24 February 1993, armed to the teeth, including grenades and machine guns (all this provided two Chita criminal authority Knyazev and Parygin), they staged a RAID on the camp “Birch”, where representatives of the Chechen Diaspora. But the Caucasian bandits weren’t there – they were warned in advance about the impending RAID. So pervomayets just shoot the room, threw a bunch of grenades into the room where was supposed to be “action”. Wounded accidentally vacationer Chinese. Touched Oleg – whether a ricochet of his own bullet, or “shot” a sniper on a neighboring house. Woke up in the intensive care unit – surrounded by police.

Since Oleg Ikonnikov did not leave the places not so remote. Changed several colonies, not so long ago he was transferred from the “Black Dolphin” in the “Snowflake”, where I found him.

– how old are you? Are you a believer? You baptized? – threw questions Oleg Ikonnikov, sitting in a cage.

So you’re interviewing me? just kidding. Ikonnikov smiles, showing a row of iron teeth.

– > you better Tell about yourself.

– From the beginning, or what? You book “Great bear” did not read? It describes everything that went into my death sentence. And the stories? Read, please. It’s all there. Although probably not all, still have a lot to write. You know what my nickname?


– It was too late. A first Strap. Here’s how it appeared. The prison first came in 1972, and then the laws of the prisoners was very hard. I remember: on 6 September I went to the mattress. Before all was so: in the door up, you do not speak: “Hello”, and: “what Article? Negative?”


– Well, let’s say, rape. These could decent camera not even start. But I have nothing to fear. I have never committed crimes against women and children, sexual cases, especially was not. I’m old leaven.

So, I went to the camera, shouted back: “89. Part three”. That is, the store was robbed. Well, quickly spread. I say, “now yell “jail, Jail, give me a nickname”. I’m still a kid. And they are all men experienced. Climbed on the bench and shout in the window: “Prison, jail, give me a nickname”. Well, I have only to think of steel. And there woman one…

Women, too, were?

– Under investigation? Of course. Then there was a separate prison for women and men. So, she yells: “He needs a belt to give and to expel him from prison.” I said, “Yes, boy, you hear? Now will the Belt”. So gradually it’s coming after me.

And my story, briefly is this: detained in February 1993, an attack on a hotel in the Chita region. You know there?

– I Know, but I want you to hear it.

– came To Chita, a group of persons of Caucasian nationality, began to establish their own rules, everyone wanted to take control. I was then in the OCG. And they offered us, say, half will be given to us. And here was an attack on the camp “BEROSKI”.

We shot out there with guns… a Chinese man gets shot by accident, because I told Windows to shoot. I threw a grenade in the room where the bearded men usually gather, – has pulled out of the door and the floor collapsed. I was wounded in the head (who shot, I did not understand). There were four groups at that time.

Comments ex-employee of Moore:

“In the TRANS-Baikal territory in the period there were several major organized crime groups. Pervomayskaya, headed by Ikonnikova, Krychevska – Bones Krychevsky. Was still Gemicheskaja gang (the name derives from the name of a famous actor Jackie Chan, and its leaders traveled from village to village, looking for strong guys, who were then trained in martial arts) and Kosiedowski (its leader escaped from prison, from starvation in the wild first eat the cat).

But the most ill-considered Osinovskaya (leader Igor Osintsev nicknamed Aspen). They and other gang members, and his killing. Do not rule out that its leader was paranoid. Osinovskaya killed those two authorities that armed Ikonnikova. Tried to remove himself. They all went into the dressing.

by the Way, arrests of members of Osinovskiy OPG took until 2012. The leader of the gang Osintsev alive, sitting in “Vladimir Central”. Amazingly, he was not given a life sentence even though of the killings has been proven. He made a deal with the investigation, something promised…”

I clinical death survived, of which only in the books read. Saw myself from above – as my body is carried out of the hotel. And then went back into the body. And here I was brought into the hospital, and when I woke up in intensive care around police.

I was hoping that I organized crime will get out of the hospital. But instead, they sent the killer. Did Aspen. Wanted to finish – just in case, so I would testify. Osinovskaya then killed ours. That’s why I always say now young people in organized crime do not climb never. There’s only crimes are committed by organized, and then everyone escapes as can. And there of their own killed. Was killer, focusing only on what “cleaned up” unwanted leader.

– one of them I interviewed – that’s the same in the colony for life-term prisoners…

– a Bad work from them. They are children, women and old people can kill, if the order senior. I never did. But I was sentenced in 1996 to death.

– How did it happen?

– I only saw the take. Comes the Prosecutor, opens the camera. It was called the “grave.” It’s all narrow, dark, damp, cold. In these conditions, after four months – is ready. I have this “grave” was called “fraternal grave”, as I was sitting in this cell with the brother. And then slip��t person meet.

Regretted what he had done?

– I wrote the book about regret, and that was my destiny so sad – but pain and evil people more nothing. “Sorry, I’m about spent and spilled, spared, and then, finally, came the day when I felt ashamed. Embarrassed, I fumbled in other people’s homes in search of the good of others. What was I looking for? Grid and zapretki, the romance of the criminal life? All this nonsense of a dog, a dream speckled Mare. My criminal mainline broke the shame.” These are your lines memorized. They are hard-won.

I am happy that the brother was freed and now lives normally. Recently the head of the colony came to me and said, “Your brother is already in YouTube lit up. Stands on the roof and sings”. The best words I have not heard.

– And how did you discovered his talent?

– I was kept in the prison of the FSB of Russia in Khabarovsk. By the way, all the time just for passenger cars was carrying, I never went in the funnel. And once I FSB brought to the airfield. Drove up to the plane, came back, sat down in the chair. And here is one of the FSB (going to name him “big-eared”) asked me to write about my adventures. He normally treated me, asked me to address him by name. And I imagine, came to the jail and began to write.

And when the book was written, was still young, only 36 years old. No draft at all, and the pleasure received. Published. And then the stories went. More than a hundred. And I’m not one consecutive year, was the winner of some competitions.

Now my papers don’t miss into the wild for some reason. I named my last novel “a Long honey.” When I sat in the “Black dolphins”, prayed to God: “Get me out of here, I can not.” Did not pick up. After 10 years it hit me, I realized that like me, it turns out, death doesn’t deserve. And then I began to ask God about something else: “Make me suffer”. It took 8 years, and God heard me. Now it is easier.

This is because was transferred to the “Snowflake”?

– Yes. Here I just say. And not because of what’s beyond, but because everything here adequately. Here the head of the institution is doing everything by the letter of the law. That’s what I want. With me, the most important is when the law perform, and I feel like a normal person. That staff I then knocked out teeth – it is necessary to beg.

Advertise jail. And you, too.

– all I’m happy. So I would love to have written about the prison. But what to write about grid and bricks? I would write about the people who work here. Imagine, there are more than two hundred people.

I said, “You write, we read,” he intervened in our conversation “the citizen the chief”. And we have to say goodbye to Oleg.

– You find my brother, please! – shouted Ikonnikov, Sr., when he was taken away. – Talk to him. Talent!

Edward Ikonnikov: music under Russ��rela

– When Oleg sat down for the first time, he was 14 years old and I am four years old, begins Edward. I remember when we came with my mother to him for a long meeting on the “youngster”. For three days we lived in a special room in the area in the Chita region. I knew then that it was a prison. But did not understand why the brother needs to live there and not home with us.

For then he sat down?

– For theft. We lived in a poor neighborhood called Ilucato. Around the old dvuhetazhki. And next was the farm’s shop. Here is Oleg with friends and “made” it.

After the theft they bought from Roma Golden seals and chocolates, he got someone from adult men to buy them champagne and train tickets to Moscow. And now imagine the scene: in the car ride the boys all in gold, drinking champagne and eating chocolate. The conductor or one of the passengers called the police, and was taken off the train at one station. Well, and then put…

Then he another and a second term was also for theft. I was always surprised that it shows up some friends in the tattoos that he always somewhere to go for a walk. And then he kind of settled down, met with Lena, a son was born. For a long time worked as a driver. When money became tight, he left the gang to Irkutsk to work. Well, I soon came to him.

And then there was a devaluation, the salary did not pay anyone. And then it began to make shady deals and illegal businesses. But it wasn’t like in the movies – say, let’s gang create. No. That all by itself turned out…

In Irkutsk shops looted. Then, a wave of racketeering from Moscow came to us. In the sense that we have become racketeers. 12 people we had and all of a pair of pistols. Merchants paid tribute to those who refused – one suffered… it’s Hard to remember.

So after a quarter of a century has passed, more!

– And I’m still worried. These 90 really dashing was bloody. All we then do is …unnatural or something. Three years lasted our adventures until we all ended up in jail. The Prosecutor asked me 15 years initially, but the court issued the same sentence to me and my brother. The death penalty. It sounded like a nail hammered into the coffin.

Brother experienced, that got you into it?

– Yes, and then came to him the realization. It’s the same film, you know?

How come?

I wrote a petition with the judge. Since we are still under execution, it is requested that we spent together before he died. She was granted.

– Remember those days of waiting, when will bring to the shooting?

don’t forget. Every day waited. And there because it was – at us from a nearby camera two was removed – kind of like a date. And they never came back.

We tried with his brother about the execution not to talk, just talked about abstract topics. But tothe Americans like the smell of death was. It is as if the air was. How would you explain… the Thought of impending death dwell in you and constantly with you. Rest from it only when you sleep.

I was very sorry that he lived so your life is meaningless, stupid. Believed it then. I was scared that will enforce the sentence, and I’m not baptized. And I called the priest. And Oleg believed and were baptized only a few years later in “the Black Dolphin”.

I wrote in that cell “suicide” poem. It then became the song, I even clip removed:

Again, the sky the moon
Calls me to the road,
Calls me to the road.
And I’m sitting by the window
And I can’t sleep.

sometime in the spring
I will rise
And in the distance from the earth
I will pray to God.

And infinite life,
As a wild river,
And I’m floating on a boat
Floating from far away…

But all this long conversation. And the moral is: those with whom we communicate will determine our path. Choose the environment. But, in fact, criminal romance I never liked – I have no tattoos.

– Where he was serving a punishment?

– Of the 15 years that I’ve commuted to life term (and it in turn gave the decree of pardon of the President), most of it I was serving on the “closed prison” in Yeniseysk. It is such a strict prison, where sit all the time in the chamber. There I wrote a song:

Here, snow is covering camp
For southerners there is always bad weather.
I’ve done 12 already,
To the house remained three years.
Here lays a blanket winter
White height in meters.
Here in the cold for a period always
And for the weak is definitely not the place

Guitar in the prison was not, so can music to compose. And then transferred to the area to Chita. There mode softer, and the guitar was. You can come to the club to play. There I the song “have thrown”. After the release of all gone in creation. I have a few albums out. Lyrics, chanson.

About the prison there?

– Yes, but more about life in the wild. I’ve been living a different life. I have three children grows.

Brother is calling you? Past remember?

– Calling regularly. He’s happy for me. Glad I’m on the outside. And the past is to remember the once – calls – they’re 5-10 minutes, so would have time to talk about the present. Life goes on. I here, he there. But it’s coming.