Courts should not include non-working days in the Statute of limitations

for Example, if a citizen is issued a court order, a person has ten days to submit their objections. Then the order will be cancelled. If the order will be submitted in April, ten days begin to run from the day that will officially be the first day back to work.

At the same time, while imposed serious restrictions continue its work. Documents are accepted by mail or via the Internet. Urgent cases are being processed. At the same time, as stressed by Victor Momotov, the Presidium of the Russian Supreme court and Council of judges of the Russian Federation in their joint judgment was given to the courts on the ground right to take decision on review and other cases. It all depends on the epidemiological situation in a specific region.

“the Court has the right to determine what is urgent,” said Victor Momotov. He also explained what need to pay attention to judges making decisions, whether it is an emergency. There’s the obvious situation when we are talking about the arrest of the person or the proceedings of an administrative offense. But there are other circumstances. For example, as said Victor Momotov, courts must examine whether sediments Affairs to irreversible consequences. Emergency may be some family disputes or cases alimony.

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