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Wednesday, October 28, 2020
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Announced in Russia non-working days should not be included in the procedural time limitation, the Chairman of the Council of judges of Russia Victor Momotov. This means that in these days suspended including within the Statute of limitations and complaints of the decision taken
Russian police officers stop and check the enterprises of small and medium-sized businesses before the end of the year because of the pandemic coronavirus. This was announced by the Director of the Federal bailiff service Dmitry Aristov
The constitutional court of the Russian Federation imposed the duty to demand a Declaration of income of civil servants in personnel services. The dismissal of an employee for failure to provide such information prior to employment, if he has already been appointed to a position excluded
The Chairman of Moscow city court Olga Yegorova on "a Business Breakfast" in "RG" told about that, where did the accusations of "accusatory bias" of the courts and how to deal with fake court orders. She also explained how the courts in the fight against coronavirus
The constitutional court expressed its opinion on the amendment, which was vigorously debated in society and led to hot disputes of supporters and opponents of the amendments in the main law of the country. The constitutional court answered all the burning issues that caused the amendments
Transport prosecutors found that someone who regularly "merge" on one of the sites closed customs data. We are talking about information on all export-import operations of Russian companies. Moreover, the data published from all customs posts of the Russian Federation
The constitutional court began consideration of the case on the indefinite disqualification. We are talking about the amendments to the Forest code of the Russian Federation, in making which he lost the possibility of removing names from the register of unfair tenants of forest plots
The Supreme court reviewed the case of a widow, who said their rights to contributions to the Pension Fund of the deceased husband. By law, if the person died before retirement, the next-of-kin can obtain its accumulation. However, the regional court agreed with the plaintiff