And yet our opposition — this opposition is probably the the opposition opposition in the world. The most independent, the most free. Before free that think free even from common sense. And then there’s this power, which is constantly something to her throws. In terms of tests.

for example, elections. Sometimes it seems that the authorities are satisfied they are not in order to elect the deputies of the Duma or the President, and in order to quarrel between opposition members. And yet every time it turns out. And all the laws of biology (intraspecific struggle the most brutal) fight every time to the end, uncompromising smashed. Then only a little will recede. Begin to greet each other. And then another election. And: foaming at the mouth with accusations of collaboration with the “bloody regime”. God forbid a couple of snap elections — and about the opposition as a unified force can be forgotten.

And it is not an exaggeration. Here is how it says one of the heroes of this story Maxim Katz in his next campaign video: “Now a lot of people wondered what to do with the upcoming vote on the Constitution, which in early July will be. To vote against or not to go. Actually, on this topic at every election, the war. Usually dilemmas three. Did not go at all to vote. That is to ignore it. Or vote for close views of a candidate who is unlikely to win. Or vote for the most popular opponent of “United Russia”. Very emotional, very loud discussions on this topic are held every election. I remember back in 2011, I was confronted with this, when there was a dispute: whether to vote “for” the “Apple” or to spoil the ballot. Or “nah-nah” there’s a strategy called. Unverified Boris Nemtsov promoted it. Or do not go to vote — was such a strategy.”

Yes, that’s right. Too difficult a choice. Too many options. Especially for the political forces that far too many generals and no soldiers. Where everyone believes himself the most intelligent. Where each breast huge badge “Ask me how”, as in dealers Avon in dashing the nineties.

But now, it seemed that the government itself is extremely simplified the task for the opposition. Options for “disagree” only two. Now it is possible to negotiate. Especially in this time personal reasons: someone was not allowed, one party considers themselves more “passing” than the other — is completely absent. But no. Bickering quarantine this summer was even more fierce. And at least it is even more aggravated. Opposition was shared almost equally, and their forces were equal. In General, “in this place early in the morning we met two sheep”.

First, even before the quarantine, immediately after the announcement of the vote, launched a campaign “Say no to trampling��am”. Promoted it Andrey Pivovarov (Open Russia), Dmitry Gudkov (former Chairman of the “Party of change”) and more than 200 municipal members under the leadership of Alaminos Yulia and Ilya Azar. “To vote against it. It is the most rationally justified position” — unanimously they said in social networks.

But just two weeks before the vote came on the scene the block Navalny and the opposition of “real” politicians Kasyanov, Roizman, Yashin. Started “In-election, not involved.” And the argument is there, too: “In keeping with the formula that I do not get tired to say: the election is contested, the-election, and the forgery is not involved. Alas, there is no universal approach. … If the referendum, even with the fraud and unequal access to campaigning, okay, still go. If the week “voting in tents” without observers — we do not recognize. Well, what is this vote. Here the voice does not matter” (A. Navalny).

And okay, if it was the initiative of a single Bulk. About its mutually beneficial cooperation with one of the Kremlin towers (it is even possible that each time different) has long been rumors. Navalnovtsy and behaved rather strange. First, stoically silent, “as fish about ice”, getting away with platitudes. And two weeks suddenly woke up. Yes how active are awake. But Navalmoral joined (although “joined” they’re probably pretty offended, let it be: independently, and even before anyone came to such strategies) “Apple” and “Parnas”. Although for parties it is quite understandable. The boycott is the easiest strategy that does not require a lot of preparation and, most importantly, the performance of which could not be verified. But not everyone coming can be attributed to his campaign.

the question Arises: what is there to do the ordinary opposition? Of course, look the most fashionable genre of video spring-summer 2020: discussions of all sorts of opposition for this reason. Who is the only one on this topic did not argue. And views thousands. Only here to sense, frankly, no. Though why not. After watching a few dozen different kinds of videoobject, I identified the following. Each explanation is preceded by a small presentation of self. For example, my favorite Maxim Katz (see, he really is the cutest.) It would seem that whether or not the viewer who visits the YouTube channel Katz, in each video to explain, who such Maxim. But he also explains, with great detail (it takes approximately 20% of the time). And very informative. Even such a fan of Katz as I (a: I’m a young girl and looking for), this time learned that, it turns out, every election he gives to the altar of the Fatherland from one to three months of his life, helping him likable candidate or party. And owlsSEM does not take money for it. Here is besserebrennikov. Because it attests to an extreme degree to the prosperity of my pet. I tried to be someone without money for three months to work. And from the latest video the Maxim I learned that it is their own money (first, not some foreign agent, and secondly, this money, apparently, he is) went to America to learn and to participate in the election campaign of Bernie Sanders. Imagine. In America. Sanders, of course, already old and not to teach anything I can. But there are other candidates. And maybe he will need someone close by. To abroad hamburgers damned not to eat. That’s why I have these rollers and endless look.

except that Yashin will no longer look. And you do not advise. He married. And such romantic things about his beloved writing. Absolutely no conscience in humans.