the 88-year-old Okazaki was the holder of a black belt, had a 10th Dan. In the world of karate, gray-haired Japanese man called “teacher”, a guide of the most academic of all styles.

From Japan, he moved to the United States in the early 1960s. There, in Philadelphia, helped found the International Federation of Shotokan karate, becoming in 1977, its President. Now it brings together representatives of more than 60 countries, and one of the leaders of his nephew – the owner of 9th Dan. According to the website of the Federation of Teruyuki Okazaki died from the effects of the disease coronarica.

Among those who achieved fame, practicing Shotokan, king of rock Elvis Presley, the famous actor Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude van Damme. The famous master of this style was a Soviet film actor Talgat Nigmatullin, who died tragically at age 35 in 1985. In the legendary movie “Pirates of the twentieth century” Talgat, who played the bandit Saleh, demonstrated in Shotokan karate.