the Daily increase in the number of cases of coronavirus in Russia has slowed to a record low, the Russians can not be allowed into the EU, and experts have called the victory condition of immunity on the coronavirus.

the Number of identified per day cases of infection with coronavirus in Russia amounted to 7 176, total number of infected reached 606 881. Daily growth slowed to a record low 1.2%, before it is a few days kept at the level of 1.3%.

a Surge in the incidence of coronavirus in Russia already is on the wane, but in the regions this process is delayed by approximately three weeks, there are 4 subject of the Russian Federation, the incidence of which remains high, said the head of Ministry of health of Russia Mikhail Murashko.

specialists of the National health service in the UK claim that 30% recovered from the coronavirus in the future, may develop pulmonary fibrosis. 50% of former patients threatened with lifelong physical, cognitive and psychological impairments. 70% of survivors may suffer from a delusional disorder, while in every fifth case it will be “established cognitive impairment”. Every tenth Briton discharged diagnosed acute heart attack.

Russian immunologists and virologists appreciated the insights of the Western colleagues about the lifelong consequences of coronavirus. It is reported that fears of British doctors, said the recovered coronavirus predisposition to neurological and psychiatric disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, are unfounded.

Virologists believe that patients with serious complications of due COVID-19 in Russia a little:

In Moscow, there was a unique epidemiological situation: the infestation COVID-19, comparable to new York and Madrid, the city has managed to ensure a low mortality rate among the infected, say analysts at the Boston Consulting Group. Mortality depends on the number of cases, but the specific frequency of testing of the population at COVID-19 can shift this relationship, and Moscow has thrown huge resources at it, experts say.

Earlier, an expert on statistics and modeling, Center for economic research Aghasi Tavadyan gave a forecast that the strong decline in deaths will occur in Moscow.

the Power of the Union to discuss the list of countries for which July 1, will ban entry to the EU as a weakening of the measures imposed due pandemic coronavirus. In the preliminary version of list of no USA, Brazil and Russia. The restrictions can be lifted for about 50 countries, including China.

Previously, analysts noted a significant increase in demand for tourist trips among Russians. Only a week — from 8 to 15 June, the growth of 172%.

the author of the Swedish strategy against pandemia called “crazy” popular measures of containment of a pandemic, like travel restrictions and school closures. The ability of masks to protect from the virus he believes is poorly proven. He noted that he had underestimated the danger of a new virus, but believes that to make conclusions from Sweden’s experience yet.

Sweden was one of the few countries that did not impose severe restrictive measures to combat the spread of coronavirus. Later, chief epidemiologist of the country recognized the “remarkably slow” the pace of development of collective immunity against coronavirus.

the structure of the virus Sars-Cov2, which causes Kovid-19, 96% the same as another virus previously detected in wild podkovonos bats. due this bats immediately came under suspicion. But these adorable bats are a science-based alibi.

herd immunity can defeat a coronavirus in 43 per cent coverage of the ill COVID-19 or inoculation. To such conclusion scientists and mathematicians of Nottingham and the University of Stockholm.

the Main epidemiologist of Ministry of health of Russia, academician of the RAS Nikolai Briko believes that protection of the population can say when herd immunity is 60-70%.