What do we know about the first Russian drug from the coronavirus which symptoms persist from recover COVID-19 patients, and why the carriers of the second group of blood more often infected with SARS-CoV-2.

Russia’s June 3, 432 identified 277 cases of infection with coronavirus, according to the Federal operational headquarters on the site stopmanager.of the Russian Federation. The increase in the number of patients per day was 8 536 people. A day in the 178 patients with mers since the beginning of the epidemic after COVID-19 5 killed 215 people.

Over the past day from coronavirus infection was cured 972 8 people in total, Russia has recovered 195 957 people. Currently COVID-19 sick 231 105 people, the number of active cases declined for a second day in a row.

the Ministry of health of Russia on Wednesday, 3 June, has updated the list of possible drugs for the treatment COVID-19 in adults. According to the document in the list of drugs included favipiravir. The Department has prepared the seventh version of the provisional methodological recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with coronaviral. They also refined the symptoms, the characteristics of the disease in the elderly and indications for hospitalization.

Aviewer — trade name of a Russian drug which was developed by the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF) and a group of companies “Chemrar”. However, the active ingredient of the drug was not invented in Russia. International nonproprietary name — favipiravir (favipiravir).

Moved the coronavirus can leave irreversible consequences. According to experts, to restore the sense of smell could only a quarter of patients feel the taste of food and smells they could only two weeks after full recovery. As the doctors explained, besides the loss of smell after COVID-19 some people will still have to treat pulmonary fibrosis, pulmonary fibrosis and disorders of the brain vessels.

the Team of physicians and molecular biologists under the guidance of Professor Kiel University (Germany), Andre Franke has held the scale at the moment genomic analysis of carriers of the coronavirus. It turned out that the probability of infection and the nature of the disease was most affected by two mutations in the genes. Most often these mutations occur in people with the second blood group.

the Main epidemiologist of Sweden for the first time publicly acknowledged that his proposed strategy for dealing with the coronavirus, which involves the rejection of self-isolation has led to too many deaths. Anders Tegnell stated that Sweden could better manage the containment of infection.

Symptoms of coronavirus in cats and mink are fever, cough, sneezing, discharge from nose and eyes, in dogs, the disease passed without symptoms. Meanwhile there is probably no need for massive research on animals COVID-19, noted in a press service citing scientists of the scientific institutions subordinate to the Rosselkhoznadzor.

Russian scientists have found shrews, the shrews in the Tomsk region a rare form of Hantavirus Altai. It can cause severe fever, which affects the kidneys. The Hantavirus is a family of viruses, which affects mainly mice, rats and voles, but in rare cases can infect and humans.

the Russian currency may drop to about 90 rubles per dollar by the end of 2020, from the baseline scenario experts CMASF. In this scenario, the pandemic will continue until the third quarter. Pessimistic scenario in which the coronavirus “delayed” until the beginning of 2022, assumes a higher rate of 100 rubles per dollar.

news in the framework of the project “5 things I’ll do after the end of isolation” publish the stories of the stars about their plans for life after it all finally, end.

champion of the Highest League of KVN, the captain of the team “the JUICE”, host of “House of culture and laughter” on TV channel “Russia” Dmitry Kolchin during the isolation missed the simple things due restrictions was unavailable.