A ambulancefører reported Saturday about the queue to the hospital in Moscow on 15 hours, while the death toll in Russia is rising.

A “huge influx” of coronapatienter strain on hospitals in Russia’s capital, Moscow.

It joins the Kremlin, according to The Guardian.

Moscow and many other regions in Russia has been largely closed in less than two weeks to contain the spread of infection, but hospitals in the capital city pressed still

Saturday kept the ambulances in a long queue in front of a local hospital in Khimki outside Moscow. Here they were waiting for hours to hand over ill patients.

A ambulancefører said, according to news agency Reuters, that he had waited 15 hours outside the hospital with a patient who might have had the virus.

– the Situation in both Moscow and St. Petersburg, but most of the Moska, is quite tense, because the number of sick persons increases, says Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov in an interview on state television, according to Russian news agencies.

– There is a huge influx of patients. We see hospitals in Moscow work extremely intensively and in an emergency condition.

Peskov says that hospitals have taken all the possible precautions in order to ensure rapid admission, and that ambulances have to wait hours to hand over patients, not a systematic problem.

He adds that it is not yet clear whether coronavirusset has peaked in Russia.

In Russia there are more than 15,000 registered cases of the coronavirus, while 130 coronapatienter have lost their lives.

on Sunday, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, tougher measures in an attempt to prevent the spread of infection.

Putin has signed a law that makes it possible to punish citizens with up to seven years in prison if they break the karantænereglerne. It is also possible to punish citizens who share false information with up to five years in prison.


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