total is 759 coronapatienter now died in the Uk. Only six other countries are harder to hit.

In a day is 181 people in the Uk died after they were confirmed infected with the coronavirus.

It informs the british authorities Friday.

This is an increase of 31 percent in the course of a day.

the Figure is calculated on Thursday evening at 18 o’clock and look back at the number of deaths in the past 24 hours.

With the latest inventory, a total of 759 people died of coronavirus in the Uk.

Thus, the united kingdom has the seventh highest number of coronadødsfald in the world. The worst-affected countries are Italy, Spain, China, Iran, France and the UNITED states in the order.

the Age of the patients, who have died in the Uk, a wide range. The youngest was 29 years and the oldest 98 years. All except four older people already had other diseases.

14.579 have tested positive for corona virus in the Uk.

Among the thousands of britons who are confirmed infected by the virus, is the british prime minister, Boris Johnson. He announced on Friday morning that he tested positive for the coronavirus.

– I am now in selvisolation, but I will continue to lead the government through a video call, while we are fighting the virus, he writes on Twitter.

His symptoms are, among other things a higher temperature than normal, as well as a persistent cough. It he says in a video on Twitter.

Friday afternoon, informs the british health minister, Matthew Hancock, that he also has been tested positive for the coronavirus. He has mild symptoms and is gone in isolation, the information he has on Twitter.