A female doctor from the metropolis of Wuhan reported missing after she publicly criticized the chinese authorities.

the Woman called Ai Fen.

It reports the tv program 60 Minutes Australia.

two weeks ago, let dr Ai Fen himself interviewing for the chinese magazine, Runwu.

Here criticized, she urges the chinese authorities for their handling of the current and critical coronaviruses.

Ai Fen, who works as the head of the akutafdelingen at Wuhan Central Hospital, said in the interview that she, in december last year tried to alert the authorities that a virus – which reminded about the Sars spread in Wuhan, and that she shared the message online.

According to the Ai Fen, she was not, however, the response, she neither sought nor hoped. Instead she got reprimanded for spreading rumors and was banned by the authorities to speak with someone about the situation. Ai Fen learned also how the hospital changed a number of test results in order to cover over coronavirussen.

In the interview with Runwu she said also that if she had known how coronavirussen would develop, she had shouted loud – no matter what.

And now – two weeks after the interview – is Ai Fen not seen since, and it is feared that she is being detained in an unknown location on the basis of the interview, writing 60 Minutes Australia and several international media.

Ai Fen is one of the total of eight doctors who together tried to shout up and make the outside world aware of the serious virus.

One of the others who tried the same, was the doctor Li Wenliang, who is exactly as Ai Fen strongly was forbidden to warn the world back in december. Tragically, he died in the beginning of February.

“Reprimanden of doctor Li will forever be a blot on China’s history. Dr. Li warned the public with life as the price. Wuhans police have still not revoked the reprimanden, even after his death, wrote a Weibo user, according to the South China Morning Post.