you Can stop an App Corona? An Initiative of researchers and technicians, believes that an App can at least help to slow down the spread of the Virus or stop it at all. IMAGE answers the most important questions related to the Antivirus App.

What is the project?

The project, with the somewhat cumbersome name of PEPP-PT started on 1. April 2020 – a technical platform that allows other Apps, anonymized data with users and health departments to share. The acronym stands for Pan-European Privacy Preserving Proximity Tracing to Pan-European privacy-Protective approach Monitoring. According to PEPP-PT-CEO Hans-Christian Boos the reporting system at no later than 7. April will be fully operational.

Who’s behind it?

so Far, an Association of researchers, technicians and institutions. In the medium term, it should be a non-profit Association, with headquarters in Switzerland, whose sole purpose shall be the operation of the reporting system. According to Boos, no costs for PEP-PT has so far to fall, in the long term, to Finance the Association from donations.

As PEPP-PT does not work?

The System uses the Bluetooth radio of Smartphones, to measure whether two users are closer to each other. So it can recognize which people were so close together that a Transmission of the Coronavirus would have been possible (if a user has indicated his infection, and also in the App). The App will report this potential infection contacts then the user decides if he gives it to the authorities.

▶︎ the hope of The PEP-PT-operator is that users of the System to detect at an early stage, when they could have infected, not only a social isolate, if you notice symptoms of the disease. The spread of the Virus could be significantly slowed and restricted.